Jai Hind College students adopt a slum to help with poverty

Fifty students belonging to the Rotaract Club of the prestigious Jai Hind College, Churchgate, have taken it upon themselves to give back to the community by adopting a slum in Mumbai Central for a month. where four main causes will be taken up on for slum dwellers.

Jai Hind's 'Silent Saturdays'

The project which was named 'Silent Saturdays' involves the taking care of four main problems for the slum dwellers.

Like every year, this year the students started work on this intimidating project in November. Under this, students will work in slum for four different causes. Their first cause will be health and sanitation, in which students will distribute free sanitary napkins to women in the slum. The second cause will be education, under which students will distribute books and stationery items to children. The third is hunger, where the entire slum will be given a nutritious, healthy meal. The last one is cleanliness, under which students will build washrooms and take up a cleanliness drive in the slum, and also have a pest control operation done for the hygiene of the entire slum.

Slum dwellers rejoice

“One of our causes is to build washrooms in those slums that we have adopted,” said Neha Gori, Jai Hind student, Organising Chairperson for Silent Saturdays.

“We will also be holding health check up camps and spread awareness about sanitary napkins. Children will be given crayons, drawing books, etc,” said Kausar Madhyia, Project Mentor.

The slum dwellers have never been more thankful for the help that they are recieving from the students of Jai Hind College, Mumbai. The Rotaract Club in Jai Hind College is all about giving back to the society and making India a better place. 

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