Internships A Way to Employment

“ We are just Studying 24/7 with Zero Knowledge and Non- Contemporary Industrial knowings about Industry related ethics". These are the words said by a Graduate of Engineering Discipline.

I can’t even co-relate the Technology advancements between what the curriculum taught me while in Graduation and while working in my core-sector after graduation” disappointedly uttered words from an Employee in Electrical and Electronics Sector.

Those words and sentences seem to be very much relatable to any Graduates or any Employee or Ex-employee from any Higher education background. They might be one of the reasons why the statistics on Engineering or Science graduates showing alarming rates of unemployment.

The Conscious Mind of a Student

Completing your Higher Secondary Schooling with a specific percentile from any recognized board is a mandatory point for any Aspirants to opt for his Higher Education in any discipline. Entrance Exams next, successful completion of studies and then the students start their journey to achieving the next big thing in their life i.e. “JOB HUNT”.

The conscious mind of a student will never ask a logical question which is always an Employer in any venture will always try to put perspective i.e “ Why there is no such professional councilling process for the individuals after graduation which will allow them to look for jobs in their core-discipline?"

Well, the people might underestimate the question and pass on without even dignifying it with an answer, but the answer is much more reasonable and justified. In the 21st Century, most of the Companies and Dignified Ventures should appreciate the vibrant process of enrolling an individual to "INTERNSHIP" first rather than working for an organization on a full-time basis. This is in order to facilitate the candidate with a sound knowledge about the kind of work he/she will be knowing and hence can nurture interest.

Internship and its bridge to Employment

Now the statements yet concerns made by the Individuals mentioned at the beginning of the Article might haunt you and still need to be answered with justified content. Most of the readers might know the dictionary meaning of the word “Internship” in general but fail to give arguments when asked by who’s who of the Industries while any Job interview.

One might get a generic answer in the social media platforms like Quora or Yahoo answers but for a graduate, the answer needs to be simple and quantified as “ To find a virtual platform where the bookish and practical knowledge will meet the Industry specifications, so the quorum required for being victorious will be completed.”  

The other reason might be helpful to the fellow employees working in any sector and regretting opting the current career specific. Before getting the Id-card of any organization the individual will be knowing the job location and parking criteria for one’s vehicle, have zero-knowledge regarding the portfolio of the company. And that might be hurtful to the mandatory-bond with the organization.

That is the reason why Individual or Professional opt for an Internship more than any other to stay in the safer-side and grab the opportunity for being an Employee in any organization.

Types of Internship  

Well in a diversified and differentiable employment-structured country like India, the aspirants should know the validation for being an Intern in any organization. That brings the next important point for the article i.e. the internship types.

Following are some of the Internship types on the basics of Industries being mentioned for better reference:

1. Virtual Internship:

This is widely known as “Work from Home” Internship in India, where the hired individual can work from any remotely accessible place except the office workplace. Hiring such interns is always a benefit for an organization as they can compensate the extra workspace.

Working as Virtual Interns will allow individuals to know the portfolio of the organization working with and be connected to the professional. The time duration of the internship can vary from 10 weeks to 3 months and can be expanded with respect to an Individual’s performance.

2. Externship

It is defined as a type of Internship where the hired Interns rather than working from the job location have to work specifically from the desired field where they handle specific targets and projects in relation to the education and organizational background.

This internship can last for 3-4 months or for a semester or for an entire year with respect to the time devoted to the candidate. Working with such credentials can open up employment options in the Internship organization or one’s opted venture.

3. Apprenticeship:

This kind of internship is offered in most of the public sector based organization under the Government of India in sectors like Railways, Agricultural, Heavy Electrical, and Electronics sector and others.

The internship will be included with a minimum amount of Stipend for the individuals which will last for 6-8 months.

Internship opportunities based on Disciplines:

1.Engineering Background:-

The Engineering sector in India is very often known for its monotonous and unemployment issues from ages. The scenario has been improved where the professionals working in such background rather than being a “Bookworm” establishing an Effectively structured plan-up for engaging and knowing the organization with the help of Internship.

Below are some of the Internship opportunities(with no specific preference order) for an individual from different specialization:

(A) Mechanical Engineering:

Recently the organized structured of Mechanical and Automobile sector went through a lot of technical Improvements which include the below-mentioned credentials:-

    • 3D Graphic Designers for the Automobile sector
    • CAD-designer for core sectors
    • Interior Designers for Automobile designing.
    • 3D Rendering and Modelling Designers.
    • Automobile-Engineer
    • Industrial Designer

Sources like Internshala and Linkedin are flooded with the Above mentioned credentials where the organization rather providing them Stipend also making them confident by providing Pre-Placement Offer(PPO).

(B) Electrical Engineering:

The sector of Electrical with the combination of advance Electronics had open up Full-time and Internship opportunities in Both Public and Private sectors like State Electricity Boards and Private Research Institutes.

Below mentioned are some of the credentials were the enthusiast can work to improvise their Electrical and Electronics knowledge:-

  • Embedded Engineering Interns
  • PCB Design Engineers
  • Circuit Designer Interns
  • PCB Validation Interns
  • VLSI Designing Engineers
  • MATLAB Designers  

(C) Computer and IT Engineering:

Since the demand for such engineers is the most in the market, the professionals pursuing the same can opt for various designations in some of the most gratified organizations like TCS, Accenture, Infosys Solutions etc.

Below are some of the designations from IT-CSE Background from which one can aspire to learn and adapt towards the organizational behavior:-

  • Web Development Internship
  • Mobile App-development Interns.
  • .NET Development Interns.
  • Android App development interns.
  • C #/ Wordpress Development
  • Asp.NET Developer

(D) Electronics Engineering :

 With the Improvisation of Micro-chips and Microprocessor, the Electronics market is in huge demand for the professionals who can put assertive knowledge into practical perspective.

Below mentioned are some of the designations for the ECE Engineers to grab the position of Interns in some successfully enhanced organizations:-

  • Analog Designers.
  • Digital Designers.
  • Signal Processing Interns.
  • IC Designing Interns.
  • Embedded Engineering interns.
  • IoT Designers.

Some of the top private companies offer Summer Internship:-

  1. Tata Teleservices (Telecommunications)
  2. Vodafone (Telecommunications & Networking)
  3. Samsung (Analog and Digital Communications
  4. Intel (Analog & Digital Electronics)
  5. Dell India (Networking)
  6. Reliance (Communications)
  7. LG Electronics (Analog & Digital Electronics)
  8. Wipro (Wireless Networking)
  9. Cisco Networking (Computer Networks)
  10. Infotech (Analog & Digital Electronics)
  11. Redpine (Signal Processing)
  12. General Electric (Electronics & Communication)
  13. Texas Instruments (Analog & Digital Electronics)

2. Science Background:

Science is a dynamic and unconventional background in terms of career specific and verticals, it has encouraged a lot of professionals to change their breath from Professional Engineering to Pure applied Science. Doing internships for major science streams as in physics, chemistry, mathematics etc will impart a great deal of value to one doing.

The following are some of the Science-based course which provides Internship with many great opportunities and helps individuals to have a crux knowledge regarding the organization:-

(A) Physics Background:

 The below mentioned are some of the contemporary Internship opportunities for the aspirants to open up the doors of inventions:-

  • Research Internship
  • Content Development Internship
  • Subject Matter Expert Interns
  • Online Educator Interns
  • Atomic Concepts Interns

(B) Biotechnology Background:

Working in Research Labs and many times in the sub-hubs of space stations of their respective nations are work opportunities for the professionals of Biotech-students in their own domain.

But ever since the applications of some subtle theories in the domain of biotechnology were known, the Scientist and the professionals are extending their limits to hire assistance which can work with them to make the complicated studies a nominal one.

The below mentioned are some of the internship being offered to the Biotech Professionals:-

  • Operations Intern.
  • Research Intern in ICGEB.
  • Technical Intern
  • Laboratories Assistant Intern

Below mentioned are some of the organizations which offer the internship for the professionals of Biotechnology Background:-

    • National Center for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore
    • Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), Bangalore
    • Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB), Gurgaon
    • National Institute of Immunology (NII), New Delhi
    • Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore
    • Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB), Thiruvananthapuram

 (C) Chemistry Background:

The wide application of chemistry is limitless. With a wider range of scenarios on the subject, the Research labs and every other company which will deal with the same have to hire some professionals who are fundamentally strong with the basics and practices ethically.

  • Organisations opened for hiring 1500 interns in subjective domains and designations in the previous fiscal year of 2017 and the opportunities will be much more this year. Below are some of the designations mentioned:
  • Research and Development Intern
  • Computational Chemistry Intern
  • Components Research Intern
  • CIP Research Intern
  • Operations Development Intern.
  • HP Labs Research Intern.
  • Water Chemistry Intern.
  • Lab Assistant Intern.

If you belong to any other stream which was not mentioned below that is only because you have an endless list of opportunities available. All you have to do is sit down think what you want, compare options and explore the opportunities. 

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