Innovative Learning at Usha Martin University


In today’s world, the two most important things for an economy are competent human capital and an equally competent education system. Knowledge is a resource that can lead to the creation of new knowledge, increase in efficiency and productivity of the system by producing competent graduates. The present schools, colleges and universities must take periodic reviews to improve their method of teaching, research, skills to be capable of responding to new challenges faced in the system. They must be prepared for the future. The quality of education should be given importance to so that those who graduate will be employable in national and international job markets.

Usha Martin University offers education of higher quality is affordable and cost-effective in the state of Jharkhand. With the medium of education, the University aims to take this society from its stark reality of stagnation, poverty, marginalization, deprivation and ignorance towards prosperity, empowerment, recognition and liberation. From Business Studies, Arts and Commerce to Engineering, Social Sciences, Computers and Health Care, the University have admissions open in a wide range of programmes to achieve this dream.

Focusing on Skills Development

As per the Government’s call for large scale skills development initiative, the University has brought forward well-designed Diploma programmes. The completion of such a programme will help the learner to be competent in their domain and successfully enter the job market.

Usha Martin University also has other customized short duration training modules on identified skill gaps. Communication at the Workplace, 3D printing applications, Innovations in manufacturing and production technology, supply chain and logistics, team building and Big Data are some of such modules included in the identified skills-based programmes. They also plan to have skills based certificate, diploma and degree programmes on entrepreneurship, catering and hospitality as well as health care.

Research Opportunities

The generation of new knowledge is given importance to among the students and academicians. Innovative research projects at M.Phil and Ph.D levels are proposed to be conducted which have regional and national relevance. Initially, the programmes will be offers in Science and Information Technology, Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics.


To promote and sustain innovation and creativity in the Jharkhand region, UMU has a research-based approach for the UG and PG projects. Live projects are encouraged to be taken up by the students throughout their programme duration. The most innovative project which has actual application in industry or community gets an award by the University. The University’s reward and recognition scheme reward the innovations in teaching methodology, discipline-based research, processes resulting ineffectiveness in teaching-learning and cost-effectiveness in University operations by the teachers of the University. By all these methods, Usha Martin University paves way for multi-faceted learning.

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