IMS, Ghazidabad makes it to the INDIA'S TOP 100 B-SCHOOLS - RANKING

Democratizing wealth creation

Dalal Street Investment Journal has always been a pioneer in adopting the best practices so that the readers not only read the journal but also are able to act in a prudent manner to take some sound and best decisions Keeping in mind the logo “Democratising wealth creation,”Dalal Street Investment Journal is pleased to have ranked 100 best business schools in the country. The authenticity and objective of the tagline have been kept intact while marking one hundred first-rate Institutions of the country.

The Parameters considered while ranking the B-Schools

For the process of ranking the best 100 B-schools of the country, a very comprehensive method was followed by the Dala Street Investment Journal. A sound and very detailed study were designed. The study involved various factors such as the inputs from various students. Firstly, a comprehensive list of all the B-schools was prepared only pertaining to those B-Schools that offer two years PGDM and MBA program to the candidates.
The other important factors taken into consideration for the study were as follows:

  • Fee Structutre of all the courses offered by the Institute.
  • Placements offered to the candidates.
  • Location of the Institution.
  • The magnitude of inclination towards entrepreneurship.
  • Development programs conducted for the candidates
  • Faculty education.
  • The average packages offered during placement drives.
  • The ability of the schools to engage students in research.
  • Providing the candidates with industry exposure.

These were some of the parameters used to complete the study and accordingly rank the B-Schools in the country.

IMS bags the 69th Rank in the Chart!

Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Ghazibad stood in the 69th position among the 100 top B-Schools in the country. The Institute got a DSIJ score of 59.00. In order to reduce any kind of distortion or outlier data points, the ranking from six authentic sources were also weaved into the scheme for coming out with the DSIJ Score. The institute bagged the 60th rank according to DSIJ.

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