IIBM is Ready To Offer British Online MBA in India at an Affordable Fee

Today's global economy respects professionals who are capable of crossing boundaries, respecting cultures, and working in an international setup. Started with a vision of producing highly employable graduates through affordable and accessible international quality education and skills growth, IIBM India aims to prepare students for becoming part of the global economy.

International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) — UK is an international technical review, certification, and regulatory body set up to provide practical managers with the ability to engage and participate in the process of enhancing managerial performance and productivity in all areas of business, industry, and public administration. The organization has affiliations in India, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Ghana, Nigeria, and several other countries. 

With a wide spectrum of MBA program options, it has been a tedious task to choose the right one. Some of the important points to be noted while selecting your program after COVID -19 are:

  • International recognition
  • Best ROI (Return on investment)
  • Online studies and online exams
  • A step closer towards moving abroad
  • A career in management at senior level

The PGDM program offered by IPMA UK is proven to perform well in all these aspects:

The following aspects are considered for foreign studies. 

  • International Recognition: 

It is a globally distributed service in many nations, and now in India. The PGDM certificate awarded to Indian students is exactly the same as the certificate awarded to students in UK, Dubai, Singapore. 

  • Best ROI (Return on investment) 


Indian PGDM /MBA (IIM, IIT): 2 Years
British PGDM @ IPMA UK: 1 Year

Tuition Fees

Indian PGDM: 4 to 10 Lacs
British PGDM: 1.6 lacs

Earning in year 2

Indian PGDM / MBA: still studying
British PGDM @ IPMA UK: Rs 3 lacs (@ Rs 25,000 per month) - for freshers
British PGDM @ IPMA UK: Rs 6 to 15 lacs - for experienced professionals

From this comparison it is evident that at the end of year 2 students who choose British PGDM not only save substantial amounts but also gain 1 year of work experience, making it the best available ROI choice. 

  • Online Studies and Online Exams 

Studies and tests online help you complete the course in the comfort of your home. 

  • A Step Closer Towards Moving Abroad 

You can be employed by any of the foreign corporations by doing the British PGDM from IPMA UK. You have the choice of going overseas because you are employed by foreign corporations. 

  • A Career In Management at Senior Level 

Experienced candidates who completed the IPMA UK program successfully are typically employed at senior management positions. 

So, when considering investing in an MBA, choose a course that will speed up your development to meet your ambitious goals and give value for money.

Up to 50% Scholarship available to meritorious students.  

For more information about course visit www.iibmindia.in

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