IBM Collaborated B.Tech Courses with various Specialisations at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Sciences [HITS]

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Sciences [HITS] was established in the year 1985 under the name Hindustan College of Engineering. With the recent advancement in the field of IT and technology, the Institute has now collaborated with IBM to restructure its B.Tech curricula and incorporate the trending and most advanced courses under these specialized fields like Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Cyber Forensics and Cyber Security and Internet of Things (IoT). These Courses are developed for the students to educate them about the technical advances and make them professionally ready. These are specialised IBM courses designed by IBM which are spread over the course of 8 semesters.

The Institute has driven a great focus on these courses over the rigid B.Tech ones because of the rising demand in the field. Cloud computing over the time has gained a lot of popularity with the increase in tech-related businesses and research work. Physically storing all that data requires a lot of hardware and hence a lot of space. Over the years, sourcing anything has become the way of living, so why not space right? Virtualization, Service Oriented Architecture, Software as a Service, Hardware as a Service, Platform as a Service, Business Process as a Service are all technologies and delivery mechanisms that comprise Cloud Computing.

With this flight of new ideas, the growth in the cloud computing section has been exponential, as per a leading research firm IDC, worldwide spending on Cloud services has reached $82 billion by 2016 and so has the demand this job sector.
Few career options in these sectors are Cloud Solution Architects, Cloud System Administrator, Cloud Security Specialist, Cloud Application Development/Maintenance/ Testing, Migration and Modernization Specialists and Cloud Project Management.

The same growth is seen in Cyber Forensics and Cyber Security. With endless companies now switching to complete digitization, the need to keep the data secured has been a priority. Companies are looking for learned individuals among the computer science students because of the lack specialized courses in Cyber Security. Filling this gap, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Sciences has brought this course into action with IBM for a secured digital future and lots of employment.

Career Prospects:

Some career choices in this sector are Cyber Security Analyst, Security Auditor, Cyber Lawyer and Security Architect. The Institute has also introduced Internet of things as a course. IOT is just being explored and is tremendously on demand. With this technology being embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators etc, the possibilities of its uses are yet to be determined. With so much to be sorted out in this field, a lot of opportunities including Entrepreneurial ideas are thriving in the market.

Few other job openings in this sector are IOT & SmartCity - Applications Developer, IOT & SmartCity - Testing Specialist, IOT Technology Architect / SmartCity Solutions Architect, Technical Consultant for IOT & SmartCity, IOT (Sensor / Communication) Security Expert and Technical Support Engineer (IOT & SmartCity).

With this collaboration with IBM, a pool of jobs are created for the students and the placement rates are striking a high point with every passing year. The Institute invites guest lectures and conducts frequent workshops for better learning opportunities. The Institute indulges in various international programs and brings about new learning techniques for the betterment of the students.

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