How to get placed after MBA?

Every student who is about to finish their MBA course must have thought about “What next?”. In most cases the answer to this question lies in getting an offer letter from the employer, whom the student wants to work for. Scoring good marks in the course may take them towards this destination but it is not a foolproof plan to reach it.

A combination of excellent scores, skills and a whole lot of networking can act as a propeller towards this goal. Here are some pointers to help MBA students get that dream placement.

1. Skill Assessment & Development

It is the responsibility of every student to assess their skill set. This assessment helps them figure out their strong and weak points. It is only after assessing one’s skills can they add or remove their strengths and weaknesses.
An opportunity to develop one’s skills is provided when the student introspects. This, in turn, helps them focus on the skills that need developing.

2. Realistic Goals

Students will gain from setting realistic goals when they are looking to getting a dream jobs. Assessing their own skills will help them set goals that are realistic. The students must know their own skills and apply for jobs accordingly.
It is absolutely unrealistic to follow a trend or apply for a job just because everybody else is doing it. This is where realistic goal setting comes into play.

3. Internships

Internships in industry related projects help students gain insights that are otherwise impossible to get in a classroom setting. Internships are where the students get to work directly in live projects. The lessons they learn here are for a lifetime. It is advisable that the students do more than one internship.

4. Networking

Networking does not mean the students have to venture far and wide to build their network. It essentially means, the students can build connections around them and that will form their network. The students are surrounded by well-qualified lecturers, professionals in the industry they meet during internships and the alumni of their colleges. The students can connect with them through social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.

5. Aim for a Higher GPA

The students have to work on scoring a higher GPA. A higher GPA is what will make them eligible for an interview in many companies. The good marks will not only help them get the interview but will also help them perform well as they would have studied the subjects in depth.

6. Attractive CV

To have an attractive CV does not mean it should be filled with colors and glitter to make it catch the recruiter’s eye. All it needs is to contain precise content that gives out the student’s academic qualification and other important details.
It was found in a study that the recruiters look at a CV for six seconds only. It is better to have a CV that makes those six seconds worth it.

7. Dress wisely

They say, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. As far-fetched as that may seem, it is always a good idea to dress your best while attending an interview. Read about the company and find out if it is an absolutely formal workplace or has a more casual setting. A presentable person is more likely to get a job than a person who looks shabby.

Along with these, the students could also brush up their language skills and maybe even learn a new language. It will sure come a long way. Finally, it is your persistence and positive attitude which will help you get your dream job.

All the best!

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