How to choose one of the Best Universities in India or Abroad

Choosing the best university for you will either make or break your career. It is very important for you to get enrolled in one of the best universities in India where you can learn and get the best knowledge which will help you to make a great career. The process of choosing one of the best universities in India is very challenging because there are various options available and all give different kinds of courses. You should check which course you want to pursue and need to decide what is important to you. It’s vital you make the right decision because with tuition fee at its peak, you will have to spend more than ever before.

You will have to choose one of the best universities on the basis of your need and convenience. Before choosing the university, you will have to know your marks, your area of interest and where you want to study. Every university in India has its core strength and it is important to determine that you will reach your goals by enrolling yourself in that particular university. Let’s see some steps which will help you to choose one of the top universities in India according to your strengths, goals and values.

Know about yourself

Before you start looking for a university in India, know about yourself and what you want from that university. Be practical and know about your potential and what you want to achieve in the future. These things might be asked in the interviews so you should be ready with the answer. If your heart is set on one particular career then you can choose the university with some reputation for that field.  Every university in India excels in some particular area so you should be sure that your course of study is the best in that university and it is the top priority. If you are a top student and high on academics, you should choose the university which has a high academic environment. If not, you should choose which best suits your personality.

Make the list of universities in India

After you have noted down what is best for you and which course you are going to take, you can now make a list of universities in India  which will offer your course. In the list, take each university and research about the course, teaching, exams, evaluations, facilities provided, faculty and the size of the department in the university.

The university should excel in the course provided so that you will be motivated enough to pursue the course. You should also check the teaching methods of the faculty in that university (95 % of  Universities in India having high standard teaching methods). Have a look at the faculty and check about their research interests and also publications. You should also enquire about the exams and how do they evaluate the paper. You can enquire these things from the university students who are already studying there.

Facilities provided to you for your particular course will have a major impact on your course. Enquire about the labs, libraries, classrooms, etc. These things will tell you about the class of the university. The size of the department will tell you how much importance it has in the university. Bigger the size of the department, bigger will be the faculty, student strength and everything. You will know many details regarding your course. Now rank the university from your list accordingly and choose one of the best universities in India which suited you the most.

Location of the university and its distance

You have to decide how far your university must be from your home. If you are a homely person and miss home very often then you must choose the university closer to your home. If not, you can choose those which are far off.  Check the way of commute to the university. If your university is far off, you will be expecting it to be well-connected to various parts of the city. You can make a choice if you want to commute to college every day or you want to stay in the hostel of the university. Various universities provide hostel accommodation to the students. You can also take an accommodation outside if it suits you. If the university is well connected to various parts of the city, you can stay in the hostel and come home for the holidays.

Living cost and course fee

If you choose to pursue your education outside, you should always factor in the cost of living there. It is very important because it will directly affect your budget needed for education. Living costs are different at different places so you need to research properly and consider it in deciding the location of the university. The tuition fee for a course is the major part of the budget of your education. Tuition fees vary from one university to other and also from one course to other in the same university. Generally most of the universities in India have a similar course fee structure. So, consider the cost you will have to pay until the end of the course and think if it is worth in that university. There are also educational loans available which will help you cover your course fees. You can take them but consider the level of debt at the end of your course. So, it is a good idea to compare the tuition fees across universities.

Local or abroad?

If you are going out to study, check if you will get accommodation nearby the university or it has the hostel facility. You should also ensure about getting good food and location if you are getting the accommodation outside the college. Think about the living expenses and the cost of travel from your place of living. These factors will greatly affect your education budget.

Considering all the factors, you can easily choose the one of the best universities in India which is suited to you. Every minute detail should be considered because it is very costly to change the course and the university in the middle. Only you can make this decision and with the steps given, you can make the final choice with ease.

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