How the students of Christ University are ‘curing’ the college of homophobia

For the history paper at Christ University, the batch was to hold an exhibition with stalls that focused on contemporary social evils like child abuse, red tape, etc. hoping to raise awareness and starting important conversations. Six of my friends and I took up the issue we most strongly felt about – “Homophobia in India.”

What always bothered the students most was that the authorities, who are supposedly more “experienced” and “sensible”, have only passed regressive and baseless statements regarding non-binary identities in the past. The government doesn’t have any anti-discrimination laws to protect the LGBTQ community. In fact, the lack of stats regarding the LGBTQ community in itself talks about how in a “multicultural” nation like ours, we still refuse to acknowledge their presence. 

Like every other stall in the exhibition, there were various charts and stats regarding our topic and initiated discussions with people who visited the stall. Members of the team made badges that said “Born This Way” with a rainbow coloured sperm made upon the same.

This made them realise that in everyday life too, it could be a good idea to keep opinions about other people’s faith to ourselves, lest we end up offending others.

Even then we made sure that there was a satirical theme to our stall. Jacqueline, a group member, cosplayed as a homophobic person, thus personifying homophobia in India. She portrayed an ignorant urban adult who knowingly or unknowingly (not that it makes a difference) subjects her own friends to discrimination based on their sexual orientation. This portrayal left a mark on the audience as it acted as a mirror to how brutal the world is to homosexual people.


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