Harish Kohli, President and MD of Acer India Pvt. Ltd. interacts with KSOM Students

Mr.Harish Kohli President & MD of ACER India Pvt. Ltd. interacted with the students at KSOM auditorium which was attended by 250 students from the MBA field of study. The session was a mixture of anecdotes and practical tips for the budding students that would help them in corporate readiness, work-life balance, and what to look for in a job.

Mr.Harish has a rich experience of more than 36 years with half of the time spent in ACER India. He handled was appointed the President and MD six years ago due to the fact that he had been instrumental in plotting Acer India’s growth in the business field with a strong foundation in commercial as well as consumer business over the last 19 years. He was a backbone in making the company reach the 2nd position in consumer business and listed among the Top 3 PC brands in the country. His introduction to Acer India was through the Enterprise Product division with a designation of Marketing and Sales Chief and was successful in building Acer India’s portfolio.

The leadership and guidance provided by him has made Acer being recognized as “India’s Greatest Brands” by AsiaOne Magazine and Mr. Kohli was named as India’s Greatest Leader for making Acer as India’s one of the most profitable, innovative, and well-run company in the IT hardware Industry

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