Guidelines to get placed after engineering

The most important guideline to succeed during the course of your B.Tech and grab that dream job would be to plan, set achievable goals and do it consistently. This is the thumb rule no matter what you do in your academic years. They don't just say planning makes a man perfect, it actually does. What an interviewer looks in an interviewee initially is what is that one thing this candidate has done extra from his peers and to do this extra bit you need to have a plan ahead of you. Not just a plan but a plan which is achievable, time-bound and reliable. Find a role model for yourself and get inspired from him. An inspiration is very much required to keep you alive when there are "n" number of papers to clear every semester.

Get some Skills

Grab all the chances that come in front of you whether it is a workshop, internships, project, exhibition, college fest what so ever. It gives you exposure and you will get to learn a lot of new things. These events knowingly or unknowingly mold you for your future career. Things that you need to focus on learning are:

  • Teamwork - This will be essential when you start out in any role or position.
  • Leadership Skills - There is nothing called as "born as a leader", you need to fine-tune your skills and become a leader.
  • Interpersonal Communication - this is a subset of Leadership skills but it is considered as the most important aspect of a human being.
    • Peer to Peer Organization - This is given more importance as the days go by, big companies have realised the importance of organization and unity rather than individual contribution.

Start attending events keeping in mind what will benefit you and what will not when you are building your resume.

Having a good network is another tool to get a clear picture regarding future. Nurture good relations with your seniors because as soon as you pass out you will a lot of questions regarding job choices and they are the best ones who can help you out. Ask them questions regarding how they cracked their interview, what are the best options for you etc. If luck favors you they will even be in a position to give employee reference for you. Find your weak spot and rectify them. Try to polish yourself by taking part in certification courses which impart value.

Find Your Weak Spot

Find your weak spot and rectify them. Try to polish yourself by taking part in certification courses which impart new knowledge.

  • Get trained in group discussions
  • Do multiple aptitude tests - you will easily find hundreds of these on Google
  • Doing mock interviews - These could be with your seniors, amongst your friends, asking one of your relative who is already in a big corporate, etc
  • Learning New Things - Keep yourself up to date with the latest market know-how.

If not doing certification program always learn new things and keep up with technology. All thanks to the internet that you can learn anything and everything under the sky now, all you need is to put some effort. No matter how many certification courses you do at the end of the day what counts is how much you know to applying your knowledge. That's where this thin line between knowledge and wisdom lies.

Keep your resume updated - This has incredible importance when you go for an interview. Google major CEO's and COO's resumes, you will learn a thing or two.

Have accounts on professional networking sites and update your resume regarding major events that add value. It is important to understand that resume is a tool that you use to show the interviewer your employability so make sure that it is unique. The first impression is the best impression and resume is something that the interviewer sees before you have a face to face interaction. 

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