GIBS Students get a taste of legal matters in the business worlds

The Legal Talk:

GIBS recently witnessed an immensely informative Subject Matter Expert Session conducted by Mr David M Paul. Global Institute of Businesses Studies is one of the leading B-schools located on the outskirts of the city Bangalore. After establishing a good hand in the international education arena, the school is moving forward to multiply as well as join hands with various institutes within the country.

Law in Business World:

Most aspiring businessmen/women in the country have a really big misconception about the implementation of legal matters in the business. While everything under this big umbrella of livelihood falls largely inside the boundary of a law, most people choose to ignore it or rather just take it for granted. But the trouble only seems dangerous if your foot is inside that pit. Hence to know these laws are very crucial.

Law in Everyday Life:

Legal matters are applicable to every individual. Being aware of the laws we should follow is very important. Our existence is reflected in the constitution that defines certain basic rights upon the citizens like secularism and the right to work and settle in any part of the country. Legal matters are not just concerning a criminal, they also levy on us on a day to day life, like if you buy something and do not collect the receipt, that is technically a crime and not to forget to witness a crime and not do anything about it is just another part where you are breaking the law. So think about how unknowingly you have been breaking so many laws only because you had no idea they existed. Hence education oneself with the laws we are bound with is of a significant importance.

Aim for Legal Education:

The aim is to get smarter and anticipate the kinds of problems that could possibly arise. and if you look at legal issues concerning a business it could range from marketing, finance, workers, workforce, raw material and so many more aspects. In other words, you should carefully examine all the ifs and buts, pros and cons connected with any task or enterprise.

Law Implication:

A system of laws levy not only on human but on animals, like slaughtering of a cow, keeping a tiger as a pet, they levy on things, forests, buildings, architectures, language etc. There are separate laws on transportation, cars, houses, lands, technologies, exports, imports and list can go on and go. If you miss a ladder, you are bound triple. Keeping yourself aware of the surrounding laws are only going to prove helpful.

GIBS specializations for MBA and PGDM:

The Institute witnesses a force of interested and high skilled students who pursue management courses like HRM and Marketing, Finance and Supply Chain, International Business, Operations and Information Technology. Since each department functions under a stream of laws, the students at GIBS are provided with quality education in their field with a boost of legal education as a part of their curricula.

Understanding SEBI and Company Acts:

Securities and Exchange Board of India function as the regulatory body for the investment and financial matters in India. Financial marketplace requires a lot of laws and procedures for the efficient functioning of the business. SEBI plays a major role in administering the securities market and protecting the interests of the investors. The Companies Act came into existence in 1956 and is still valid. The board works with the three powers of quasi-judicial, quasi-legislative and quasi-executive. Further, the Companies Act of 2013 makes some consolidations.

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