Get the Right Information about COVID 19 Cases From This Website Developed by DITU Students

In the present scenario, it is evidently visible that how the entire world is struggling to tackle the pandemic of COVID19, India is also a victim of the pandemic and it is experiencing a surge in understanding the right information flow related to coronavirus cases. To follow up with the recent cases all the citizens are using different websites and portals to be aware of the COVID curve. Those websites, in turn, make them more confused as to which data they should rely on.

The need for getting the correct information regarding the COVID-19 Cases is in high priority so two students of DIT University took the initiative to protect the countrymen from the viral epidemic. Those two students are Aayush Saini and Sanat Srivastava, of BCA third-year, have developed to aware the citizens from both the rural and urban areas to get the details related to confirmed coronavirus cases. Being a user-friendly portal, the website fetches the data through the individual user’s current location. It displays confirmed information on the recovered, active, and death analytics of the corona patients in their district, state, and country.

To make aware of the COVID-19 epidemic the website  has emerged to become a one-stop solution to assist the community to be updated on the correct COVID19 information, and to help the nation one can donate funds in  PM Care Fund to help the nation battle the situation together. 

DITU students have made a great innovative approach to fight with Corona. Not only them but all students are utilizing their knowledge to develop the technology during this period of lockdown, it is a moment of pride for their mentors and the entire DITU fraternity. 

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