Former Xavier's student paves her way to Cannes

FTII third year student Payal Kapadia is the director of the 13-minute short, “Afternoon Clouds”, India’s one official entry in 2017 Cannes. It is the first FTII film to enter and be accepted in the Cinéfondation section in which it is competing. Cinéfondation is open to film schools the world over, its purpose being to foster and encourage new talent.

“Afternoon Clouds”

“Afternoon Clouds” takes place in the course of a single afternoon in the languid stillness of a 70-year-old widow’s home (a role played by Usha Naik), in which she lives with her Nepali maid (Trimala Adhikari) and her cat which she cares for. The maid meets a visiting male friend and then returns to her routine life. “Afternoon Clouds” has a mesmerizing quality that relates to time and relationships. Its colors, design, and performances leave an imprint that is meaningful as well as elusive. Payal Kapadia says the film’s theme was inspired by her grandmother. The film has been shot it in celluloid, which gives it the stronger texture of natural colors. Payal spent a long time preparing the film, exploring ideas about single womanhood pre and post marriage with the men she worked.

"I was a student of St. Xavier's"

"I graduated from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai - in Economics. I was keen to pursue a BA degree as I thought it would help me cultivate a point of view before moving into any creative field. In college, I took a class on cinema which drew me into studying film further", says Payal.


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