FLAME University Begins Association With Yale University

FLAME University partners with Yale for the Summer Sessions

FLAME University is known for its dedication to liberal arts. This year, 2017 the university has begun its association with Yale. 

The summer session is offered for the students of Yale University and UG students from other colleges and universities. The students of the FLAME University will start attending the sessions from this summer. The university wants to enhance the skill sets of students. The students of the university will get to work in multilingual and a multicultural environment which will broaden their horizons.

“We want to provide our students a global perspective on education and research and prepare them for leadership and service in an interconnected globalized world. This association gives our students an opportunity to have the Yale University experience”, said Viraj Shah, from the office of international relations of the university.  

Shah also said, “FLAME University’s internationalization strategy is underpinned with having a long-term perspective, forging deep and meaningful relationships steadily with institutions of high repute,”. “Commencing with the Yale Summer Session association, we hope to build and strengthen our relationship with Yale University in the times to come.”

“We are confident that students from Yale, FLAME and other universities will benefit from the opportunity to learn together. FLAME’s liberal education ethos is also at the core of Yale. Having FLAME undergraduate students at Yale will increase opportunities for cross-cultural collaborations in Yale Summer Session", said the Dean of Yale University.


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