First year BDS students of Panjab University were welcomed at the white coat ceremony

The first year BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) students of Panjab University were welcomed to the new environment of Medical Sciences through an induction event and white coat ceremony in the presence of families, friends and faculty members. The event was held at Dr. Harvansh Singh Judge Institute of Dental Sciences Panjab University law auditorium.

In the program, students were presented with white coat symbolizing the mantle of their chosen profession. The students undertook a professional dental oath, publicly acknowledging their new responsibilities and their willingness to assume the obligations of their new profession.

More details about the event:

Ashish Jain, Principal and professor, welcomed the students and said that the ceremony is a rite of passage for dental sciences students. This ceremony is being organized to encourage a psychological contract for professionalism. The program emphasized the importance of the mission of the institution. He also said this program has been organized to provide information to students about the curriculum and student services. It will also help the students to know their faculty members and administrative staff which will enhance their college experience.

Dr. Bhupesh Satija, who is undergoing training as an assistant commissioner with Indian Revenue Services, in his speech, urged students to choose the path of righteousness and to be honest to the profession.

What did the students feel about the white coat ceremony?

Bhavika Gupta, a first-year fresher was very enthusiastic and excited about the white coat ceremony and said that she is very excited to wear the white coat for the first time in her life. She feels very proud to be part of medical sciences and dentistry. It gives a sense of passion and responsibility.

Inayat Duggal, a second year BDS student said that last year he took oath in the white coat ceremony and it was an experience full of enthusiasm. This platform provides a chance to interact with seniors and teachers. Wearing the coat for the first time made him realize that he was entering to a new professional line of medical sciences. White coat gives a sense of responsibility that would be taken in the future career.


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