Exam Papers Leaked on Whatsapp

Savitribai Phule Pune University is one of the best universities in the state of Maharashtra. The University has produced and nurtured students to stand out in the society and has hence, it has a base of reputed alumni. However, a shocking incident took place on the 25th of May, which shocked the management, faculty and parents. On 25th May, two papers were leaked a few hours before the scheduled exam. An incident like this has never been seen at a prestigious University as such and it left the associated parties in awe.

The Issue 

On 25th May,2017 two question papers of the Mechanical Engineering course were seen to be circulating on WhatsApp groups. The proceeding took place almost an hour before the exam was about to start at the exam center in Wagholi. The most shocking part was that the University was sent to authorities at each exam center an hour before the exam was about to begin. The papers began to circulate just after the email was sent.
Authorities and students complained almost immediately after the papers were leaked. The University had to seek police help in order to find the place from where the papers had gone viral.

Action Taken by Police

Police officers verified the server details and managed to find the location from where the papers went viral. The cyber cell was successful in finding the place through the watermarks of the question paper. Stringent action was taken by Nitin Kalmakar and his staff. The University revealed that student phones were confiscated and from thereon, exam papers would only be sent to exam centres, 20 minutes before the examination starts. As an added measure, the two centres from which the papers were leaked, will receive their paper only 5 minutes before the exam starts. Exams have been postponed by the University and students are asked to be seated in the exam hall, atleast an hour prior to the commencement of the exam.

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