Engineer of Manipal University of Technology Recieves Patent

Raghunath Manohar of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) has been granted Patent for his invention. Raghunath had applied for a patent in 2009 and is the sole inventor of the device. A statement issued by the university stated that Mr. Manohar’s invention 'A Multi-lens System which is a microscope and a component of a telescope”, has been finally approved.  Earlier, he had also received a U.S. patent for “Marking Gauge”, of which too, he was the sole inventor. 

'A Multi-lens System which is a microscope and a component of a telescope'

Explaining the invention, Mr. Raghunath said that the telescope has 9 lenses which form the erecting lens system using 9 biconvex lenses of the same diameter and focal length. The optical system inside the apparatus has 8 PVC tubes of appropriate sizes called distance tube pieces. The above explained are slid into a larger PVC container pipe having a collar at one end and a hole at the center to view the image. This tube has outer screw threads cut on it in order to focus distant objects with clarity. The container tube now becomes the erecting eyepiece cum compound microscope. To use this as a telescope as well, another tube is used as an objective lens with a larger diameter and focal length and it is called the objective tube. The objective tube is then fixed to the container tube housing the 9 lenses erecting lens system and thus functions as a telescope. According to Manohar, his invention has certain distinct advantages over existing telescopes and microscopes. 

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