'Engifest' of Delhi Technological University Was a Night to Remember After Sunidhi Chauhan Rocked the Stage

Delhi Technological University's annual fest, Engifest, kick-started with a bang as Sunidhi Chauhan performed for the students marking the first day of the inter-collegiate fest. As the fest season is at its peak with all the universities trying to over-shine the other, Delhi Technological University invited Sunidhi Chauhan to host an electrifying performance on the very first day of the fest. 

''This is the best night ever''

The eager students had no issues with waiting for 3 whole hours for their idol to come onto the stage. Sunidhi began her performance at 9 p.m with the energetic track 'Dhoom Machale' which certainly set the mood for the students. Not only did she just sing and perform on stage but she also interacted with the students throughout hr performance which won her lots of love and a much bigger fan base. As she sang through the night, Sunidhi expressed her own excitement and even went on to say  "You guys are the best. Thank you for loving me, and trust me, this is the best night ever." 

Students from various universities attended the fest just to witness this energy-packed breathtaking performance by Sunidhi. Her interaction with the students and her strong voice has set the bar high for the other colleges that will soon host their respective fests this year. 

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