Empowering Communities to Elevate Themselves

For those who aspire to lead a life aiding and helping communities and people around them; a degree in Social Work empowers them with the right social and emotional tools.  

Social workers have the ability to empower others to elevate themselves, and therefore, social workers hold a very important role in the socio-economic development of a nation. Social workers have an eclectic scope in their career as they can work as researchers, administrators, planners and policymakers. They can also work as counsellors and after gaining a Master’s degree, they have the option to choose teaching as well.

Manav Rachna offers a comprehensive Master’s program in Social Work encompassing practice with individuals, groups, communities and organizations. It also follows modern pedagogy by dedicating one paper in every semester to Field Work. The course is divided into 4 semesters over a span of two years with various papers, dissertation and fieldwork. The disclosure in every field also helps the students ascertain their capability and aptitude towards the noble profession.

The course is expounding in nature and comprises:

Orientation Program:

A three-day orientation program is organized at the commencement of the course. Orientation visits to welfare agencies/ communities is an integral part of the orientation program.

Concurrent Field Work:

Concurrent field work begins simultaneously with the classroom teaching of theory papers from the very beginning.

Rural Camp:

Five-day rural camp is organised for the students of the 3rd semester to provide them exposure to the socio-economic, political, cultural situations and problems in rural life.

Block Field Work

At the end of semester 4, students are required to undergo four-week block fieldwork training in a social welfare agency in or outside Delhi. It is treated more as pre-employment experience and mandatory for awarding the degree.

Skill Development Workshops

Special sessions, workshops and ‘learning by doing’ exercises are organized to inculcate values, principles, methods, techniques, and tools of the social work profession.

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