DIT University: Study Within The Historic City Of Dehradun

Among all the cities in India, Dehradun has always been famous for the beauty of its scenery and the serenity of mountains surrounding the awe-inspiring valley. With the gathering pace of urbanization, the city was transformed into a fast-paced one much like any other urban city with its heavy traffic and commercialization. Still, the city was able to sustain its old-warm charm. It stands as a doorway to the Himalayas and helps us to get lost in an amazing world full of lush greenery with a variety of species of trees, animals, and a peaceful environment that we crave for in the modern world. Such factors have made the city one of the preferred destinations for students hailing from not only India but all over the world. The specialty of Dehradun lies in that it has used its enthralling nature as an asset to provide the best education, unlike other mountainous cities which gave tourism more importance.

The world only knows the beauty of Dehradun from the chirping of birds and the aura of the infinite Basmati fields. But there is something more unique about the city which is rarely known even in the country. The capital city of Uttarakhand preserves historical evidence such as ancient temples and idols which are astonishingly linked to the Hindu mythological stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. What is more unbelievable is the fact that these have been in existence since the times of Treta and Dvapara Yuga that dates thousands of centuries back. The name Dehradun comes from two words namely Dera and Dun/Doon. Dera means camp and Dun means a valley that lies between the Himalayas. As per the history books, it was named such because that the eldest son of the Seventh Guru Har Rai Ji, Shri Ram Rai, set up his ‘dera’ in the ‘dun’ during the year 1676.

The British and the Christian missionaries were the ones who established the first-ever schools in Dehradun. As years passed, the city slowly evolved with a smarter approach to strengthening its education system. The educational institutions and the universities that later came up have been delivering world-class students year after year. It is fair to say that Dehradun has identified education as one of its strongest suits. Students often dream of escaping from the hustles of these large and impatient metropolitan cities and dive into an atmosphere where every day they can get refreshed by pure air surrounded by nature’s wonders. Here, you are getting an opportunity to dive into your books staying in a place that has books written on its own history and beauty.

Amidst all the lush greenery and breath-taking sights stands the campus of the DIT University with its head held high. Ranked amongst the top engineering colleges in India, the university has been, for years now, shouldering the huge responsibility of keeping up the pride of their city’s education system by developing industry-fit professionals who have excellent caliber and brilliance.

The twenty-two years of academic excellence of the DIT University shows in its work as the institute is setting standards on all fronts be it a post-graduate, under-graduate, doctoral or diploma program. The high-quality infrastructure and the experienced faculties who are industry experts ensure the deliverance of education that is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. The students are taught to learn and get inspired by the world outside. The importance of nature in shaping a better student life at DIT University is given due attention which can be seen from the fact that the campus is built on the foothills of Mussoorie. It is hard not to notice the magical aura one can feel while walking around the campus and its buildings. Add to it more than 50 courses that range from several Engineering streams to Pharmacy, B.A. Honours, and B.Sc. Honors, you get an unmissable combination.

Scientists and other researchers have always been on the lookout for science-backed reasons of how nature can create the best learning environment. DIT is a pure example to that fact as the institute has been working tirelessly, ever since its inception, in developing an aura that can calm the students’ minds amidst their hectic schedule. With an approach that focuses on holistic quality education, the students are trained in such a way from their first year itself so that they can go on to attain a well-versed career. The institute sees the dreams of the students as plans rather than aspirations. These plans are then executed and cherished to reap the results in time. Students are not only the pride of DIT but also an invaluable asset to the entire nation and the world. 

With every passing year, the knowledge deliverance pattern is tweaked and innovatively developed to suit to the students. Students from all over the world are welcomed to experience top-class education in a magical abode that one can never stop exploring. So, if you are confused about selecting the best institute for developing your career, don’t look further than the city of Dehradun which leads you right into the DIT University. 

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