Dimension - 17

A three-day Annual Technical Festival, "Dimension -17" conducted at the Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur. In this festival, engineering students prepared dozens of agricultural and SIC models. A lot of Innovative ideas were seen during the festival. Students from various schools and colleges of Jaipur had participated.

Theme based Models at Dimension - 17

Models produced in "Dimensions -17" which was organized at Suresh Gyan Vihar University, were made on different themes. This was to create parallel energy from home-based equipment and to show how can energy be used efficiently. Usually, when people drive when, they do not hear the sound of the horn. Therefore, an innovative model was prepared that whenever the back If the carriage of the car will blow, then the person who drives will be detected through lighting.

Major models of "Dimensions -17"

Innovative models were designed in abundance. Some of the major models were-  Hybrid go-kart, diesel go-karts, solar go-karts, law courts go-karts, automatic wheelchairs, hybrid robotic wheelchairs, smart bikes, unicycle bicycles, four-wheel steering models, three wheel bicycles, Micro Controller JCB Machine, Agricultural Waste Treatment Machine, West Vegetable Treatment, Bicycle LD Distributor, Bio-Pass Surgery, Equation of Blood and New Recovery of Agriculture Search based models were introduced.
Dr. Rashid Hussain, the coordinator of "Dimension -17", said that the objective of "Dimension -17" is to provide a platform for students to display their talents.

Robot Competition

Many competitions were also conducted at the festival. Some of the competitions were namely, Robo Soccer, Robo War, Robo Race. Students of GIT College, SKIT, VIT University, MIT and Gyan Vihar University participated in these events. The students participating showed tremendous enthusiasm for the robot war's three competitions. The spectators were amazed to see the robot play in Robo Soccer. Everybody was so thrilled to see Robo War fighting in which two robots were attacking each other. In the Robo Race, the robots had to participate in a race.The winner of the competition would be the robot that takes the shortest time to complete the race. The path built for the race involved a lot of obstacles. The Robot had to do a lot of climbing. The climbing included a lot of paths where the robot had to face sand, pebbles, water, and fire. Gyanvihar University has been victorious in this.

Other events for "Dimensions -17"

There were many other technical events in which the line flow, COD OZA, Treasure Hunt, code debugging, auto cad mechanical, circuit-o-bomb, blind coding were major. The singing quiz and the nonpartisan competition were held in street cricket and cultural in sports.
"Dimension -17" was launched on 2 Marc 2017 in University Campus, Jagatpura with a colorful cultural program. The chief guest of the inaugural ceremony was Chairman of Sunil Sharma. The guest of honor was Dr. Sudhanshu. The festival ended March 4, 2017.

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