Controversies emerge as Students of Ansal University Protest

"Lack Of Infrastructure", say students of Ansal University

Ansal University is situated in Gurugram, Haryana. It offers a wide range of courses to its students. In recent years the university has been under a lot of pressure to the accusations made by a lot of students on multiple occasions.

One of the major accusations made was that the university charged an annual development fee of Rs. 10000 but there was infrastructural development whatsoever. The university charged this fee by making promises of opening a sports center, gym, and a swimming pool. However, students claim that no efforts in this direction have been made. 

Their protests forced the DC, Hardeep Singh to give them a hearing. During the hearing, the students said that the university is using the sports center as an excuse to extort money from students. Another accusation made by the students was that the university was involved in the business of selling degrees. They claimed that they had proof of this. Students who didn't even have their name on the attendance list were given degrees. When they approached the university and asked the university to provide them with details of where and how their money was being utilized, the university refused to give them any specifics.  

The student representatives presented the DC with a list of demands. During the meeting, two representatives were present on behalf of the university. Most of the demands of the students were agreed to as they were legitimate. The university agreed to establish a grievance cell and procure sports equipment as per the student demands. 

The university officials have stated that the issue with the students has been resolved. Most of the demands have been agreed to but some haven't. Demands to reduce the minimum attendance from the existing 75% to  50% has not been agreed to as it is against the supreme court rulings.

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