Connecting and Reconnecting at GD Goenka University’s Alumni Meet

The connection a student has with their alma mater is unique in its own right. Like they say, first you become a part of it then it becomes a part of you. No matter how well students try to distance themselves from their alma mater, nostalgia is bound to find its way in the form of alumni meets. One such Alumni meet was held at GD Goenka University, Gurugram, on May 18th 2018.

The Alumni Relation Center of the University organized the fun-filled event. “One of the strategic priorities of the Alumni Relations Center is to assist and collaborate with alumni groups to support key alumni engagement opportunities in addition to performing an advisory role.” says, Prof. (Dr) Tanuja Kaushik, Dean, Students Welfare, GD Goenka University.

The First Edition of the Annual Alumni Meet of GD Goenka University was an event dipped in equal parts nostalgia, excitement and entertainment, where the students fondly remembered their time spent at the campus and shared the stories of their student life.

Aarshiya, a graduate from School of Hospitality, said, “It feels great to be back here, the moment I entered the gate I had so many memories in my mind right from staying in the hostel to all the things we used to do here. I just want to thank my faculties and everyone who has taken efforts to bring us here”. She is currently employed with ITC Shereton.

“Alumni are the true ambassadors of our University. It’s a great pleasure to have so many of you back here to be with us this afternoon. I hope you all continue to achieve success because what you achieve outside reflects the achievements of your alma-mater as well”, said Prof. (Dr) Suku Bhaskaran, President, GD Goenka University, during the welcome address.

The evening of the Alumni Meet saw the crowd groove to the rock band Artist Under Construction. Their popular numbers along with rap sent the crowd into a musical frenzy. The goal of the Meet was not only to get the alumni back to the University to reconnect them with their friends and classmates but also to create an opportunity for them to share new insights on campus and in the industry.

“Come and Reconnect” aptly reflected as the perfect theme for the event. “With the first edition being a huge success, we look forward to have more such enriching association with our students”, said Prof. (Dr) Tanuja Kaushik, Dean, Students Welfare, GD Goenka University, about the success of the event.

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