Choosing Career Path in the Competitive Atmosphere of UPES

Since lockdown has been announced in India every college and university is trying to adapt to the new model of education. Going online is new to many institutions as a result the problem in providing proper education to students has been a task. UPES due to being prepared for the uncertainty is taking it smoothly even in times of calamity.  Now universities are looking for a new platform and I am juggling between zoom or WebEx. Due to lack of experience institutions are failing miserably. Students complain about quality education has been raised. UPES invested in 'Blackboard Collaborator' long before the global pandemic. App designed for learning online. Since the mode of teaching was not new for lecturers and students were also introduced beforehand academics is going very smoothly. Not only the institution is running smoothly in terms of academics but it also making headlines for the achievements made by the students from time to time. Students of the institution recently e designed and telemedicine app that can help people gain medical assistance from the comfort of their homes. It is expected to launch soon. The University has always been highly competent. It was the first institution to collab with IBM. The institution has collaboration with many prestigious companies. As a result, the students studying in the institution are directly observed by the market immediately after completion of their studies. Focusing on industry-oriented learning has provided the students with the best job opportunities.

The students in the university enjoy placements in reputed companies like EY, Infosys, Exxon Mobil, General Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Nestle, Reliance, Swiggy, Dell, LinkedIn, etc. the institution has collaborated with many of these companies. It is also doing great in the field of journalism. Taking responsible measures to enhance students' performance has been giving a great advantage to the institution. Ben's tuition encourages learning and also focusing on co-curricular activities. The institution participated in many recognized and reputed competitions. It is said to produce the students in front of the world. Students are receiving exposure in the early stages of their academics before entering the industry. Recently a student from the institution Kumari Nidhi has made headlines to receive admission in Paris. She also got the opportunity to learn from IIT and ISRO as summer camp. In an interview, she revealed the support that she has received from her department. She also revealed that the institution focusses highly on fulfilling students' career paths. She told, that she was also preparing for IIT but her fate led to UPES. Before joining also she was very sure that the institution will provide the knowledge and exposure she desired.

About the launch of the telemedicine app of UPES named Spotdoc. The students felt that although their telemedicine apps available in the market they do not showcase many required features. There is no option for heart rate monitoring on those apps. Therefore they developed an app that can track all the required details of the patient. People can consult a doctor online and receive an e-prescription. Also establishing that not all the medicines are available in nearby medical stores. Doctors will be prescribed on the basis of medicines that are available near his or her region. To combat this problem they have added an online order feature where people can order medicines online. It is saying that the transportation system has been slowed down and online order taking more time than ever before. The app has also considered this problem and to combat this problem, the app has come up with the solution that the medicines will be delivered from the nearest medical shop from the patient. This helps in reaching out to quality care in the least amount of time. Since many doctors and hospitals are not accepting any patients other than COVID-19. The app postdoc is expected to release by the end of the year.

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