Chandigarh University: Why Should You Pursue a Degree in Mass Communication and Media?

Journalism Drives Progressive Social Change”

The world of education is experiencing a dramatic global change and radical subjects like Journalism and Media Studies are attracting more and more students to leave the conventional thinking of becoming a Doctor or Engineer. The recent decades have witnessed a boom in the Communication Technology industry.

The world of print media is obsolete and there is a gradual shift to online platforms and social media marketing. With the addition of so many cutting-edge platforms like Facebook, Instagram,  online news portals, and magazines, the opportunities in the media across the globe are on a high rise.

Digital Media has metamorphosed the way we see the world. The leading-edge world is encountering a crucial demand in the field of professionals related to journalism. The media industry is touching the mainstream and in this article, let us contemplate this industry, reasons to join, and the unique career opportunities.

Mass Communication & Media is certainly one of the most in-demand industries and these aspects are responsible for making it an enviable domain.

Broaden Your Network

Networking is an indispensable part of a social life these days. It is significant to have a decent network of people within your periphery. This ensures a seamless transfer of information from time to time. A career in journalism and mass communication denotes that your routine would typically include interacting with media houses, broadcasting units, and print media. All of them are imperative without any doubt.

While pursuing the course, you will discover a lot of field experiences and will get a better apprehension of the apprenticeship. Traveling places will be a regular part of the routine for a person in the media industries. Hence, selecting a course will widen the horizons.

Travel and New Experiences

If you are fanatical about traveling and are nomadic by heart, then mass communication is the perfect choice for you. The nature of these jobs demands extensive mobility. In the new-fangled world, information is transmitted expeditiously. Hence, you need to be very attentive and ensure your presence at the right place and right time. This will keep you updated with the latest information and will enhance your inner mind with a variety of experiences.

High-Income Jobs

Being one of the most competitive professions, the media industry pays lucrative packages. 

According to data by Glassdoor, the average base pay of journalists is 638000/yr.

The average salary for a newcomer is around 25000 per month which surely surpasses many leading industries.

Liberty to Express Smoothly

Are you a writer or an influencer? If creativity, being unique, and expressive writings are your strong suit, and you are passionate about them, then journalism and mass communication is for you. Media Studies allows a student to boost the skills of reformulating the real incidence into a written one. Storytelling is the foundation of brand building and is the essence of modern communication.

The study and experience inculcate great opportunities to run your shows on audio and visual media. You can express your stories freely. Mass Communication studies provide you with a seamless platform to express your voice.

Similar to the famous saying ‘The Pen is mightier than the sword’, the power and words of a journalist can influence a massive audience with the thoughts and way of creative writing.

Ample Career Opportunities

The media industry is not confined to a single profession but is a vast industry and contains multifarious branches. Studying journalism and mass communication will eliminate the efforts of students to try to get accommodated with specific opportunities.

The degree opens comprehensive horizons with numerous opportunities to make choices. Publishing houses, advertising, marketing, web media, and press are some of the branches in which a student can easily be absorbed after completing the course. 

It is a common myth among students that North India is underrated for Media studies. Many colleges and universities are having different courses for Journalism and Mass Communication but if you are aspiring for a separate department for Media Studies, then Chandigarh University is one of the right options for you in North India.

Being close to the beautiful Shivalik hills, this has been accredited A+ by NAAC and the youngest university to be ranked by NIRF. 

The University Institute of Media Studies (UIMS) is a Journalism and Mass Communication University in Punjab with a decent placement record. Both graduate and post-graduate programs will open diverse career options such as:

  • Fashion Photographer
  • Producer
  • Journalist/News Reporter
  • Content Writer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • TV Correspondent
  • Art Director
  • Creative Head

Can Work from Anywhere

Freelance and work from home are the terms in vogue, especially post-pandemic. The majority of the companies are allowing their employees to work from the comfort of their homes as it boosts their performance. 

If you are one of those who like being your boss and deciding your schedule, then a communications degree is useful for you. Most people who love to travel and work from different places tend to choose this profession. There are wide freelance opportunities in the communication and mass media industry, one just needs to have a good internet connection. 

Gain a Competitive Edge in the 21st Century Market

The education you receive as a media and communication student strengthens the human skills that help you steal a march on your competitors in the professional world. The curriculum upgrades leadership, communication, and analytical skills. Even if you deviate from this career path and select a fresh one, this degree will help you with desirable skills for the job market.

Work with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Technology is the heart of every business and the communication industry is an easy adopter. Journalists and marketers utilize new media technology, which makes media studies a perfect choice for tech-savvy.

Technology has moved to an advanced level with innovative videography tools. Video marketing is the present and future of journalism that prepares you for a career in video production or digital media.

Media & Mass Communication Studies is becoming one of the most sought-after courses among students these days. With the prodigious explosion of communication technology, the study of mass comm is beneficial. Careers in the different branches are not only high-paying but also provide the person freedom of creativity.

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