Chandigarh University in-talk with the Influencer Rishabh Raj

Learn to turn your ideas into reality with CSE Student Rishabh Raj 

Creativity is thinking up new ideas and innovation is turning them into reality. An idea's value lies in its usage and innovation which shapes and brings it into the application. The process of bringing ideas into application or innovation isn't plain sailing. Apart from deep and reasonable thinking, one also ought to devise ways to make them actually happen. Pursuing his creativity and innovation, Chandigarh University's 3rd-year Computer Science Engineering Student Rishabh Raj has been accomplishing what is unusual for a student of his age.

Persistently striving and working hard to bring his ideas to the ground, Rishabh Raj is an innovator by passion who already has 24+ Patents to his name. One of his many unique innovations has been a Keyboard designed to fit various different sizes. The student's consistency and commitment have also encouraged him to reach out to others. Exploring every opportunity on his way, Rishabh has been making sure to bring the others along as well. Being a third-year student himself, Rishabh has mentored thousands of students from across the country with his knowledge.

Moving further, Rishabh Raj has mentored 5000+ students from the IIT's, NIT and Chandigarh University as well. With the passage of every day and every week, Rishabh Raj keeps innovating new ideas and connecting more students. Rishabh Raj may seem quite easy when attempting to do anything, however, it takes a lot of hard work and commitment. In the Influencer Talk with Chandigarh University, CSE Student Rishabh Raj opens up on what helps him perform and achieve the unusual.

This Wednesday (February 24) at 6 PM, join us live with the "Innovator" Rishabh Raj on Chandigarh University's official Social Media Handles.

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