Celebrated Chef Vikas Khanna received Ph.D. from GD Goenka University

From adding cheese in the pieces of bread for the most esteem Golden Temple in Amritsar to collect the most prestigious James Beard Nomination (also known as Oscars for the Food Industry), the highway for the chef was never a piece of cake. Vikas Khanna, a 42-year-old profound and exorbitant chef, who always made the spoons of India family cleaned without even washing it, completed a whole new study of Doctorate in the field Philosophy.

Peoples initiate their success speech post-graduation with the thankful note to the experienced and finest professors of the University. But this 42-year-old host of the famous TV show “Twist of the Tale” felt nostalgic while dedicating the 2 years of his journey to his grandmother. The motivation for adding the credential of a Doctor was, just to educate people about the most experienced way for removing the stress in life with the pinch of scientific education in the field of Philosophy i.e. food.

“It’s been a long journey for about 28 years of cooking and researching in Indian cuisine. I dedicate this doctorate to my grandmother. She was a guiding light, she gave me one mantra-don’t listen to people, write your own story because when you write your own stories, one day it will become an epic. It’s my utmost honor to receive this recognition from GD Goenka University. I look forward to the University continuing on its path as a great learning institute, appreciating and encouraging philanthropic work and excellence across streams.” uttered by the author of 29 extremely sophisticated books Vikas Khanna.

Cooking for some of the acknowledged personas across the Globe like Narendra Modi, Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth-2, Vikas Khanna is also actively involved in advocating the visual disabilities and Right for education for the Children across the nation. Worked in some of the finest kitchens in the world, the chef turned doctor, also knows the importance of getting three-time food for a day and with the retrospect of that raised his voice for World Hunger which is eating thousands of people in Africa and also in South America

Being a Hardworking persona and a niche follower of veteran Dalai Lama, the chef always believed Persistence and being down to earth to be the two most important yet subjective recipes in the most flavored cuisines of the world named “Success”. Still, the world best cuisine needs an appreciation, right? The Chef was awarded some of the most acclaimed awards across the globe like Benjamin Franklin award for his book “Flavour List” and got James bond nomination for his book “ Return of Rivers”. The sleeves were still unfolded and he got offers for being a judge in the reality shows like “Master Chef India” followed with the most popular show in Fox life “ Twist of Tale” and “Junior Masterchef” which forecasted on Star Plus.

A well said philosopher quoted “ The books are the conscious sole of a Human’s Mind and its perception towards its life”. Whether it's cooking for the people or being an author of 29 Internationally Acclaimed books, the chef turned doctor was always on the apex of the Google searches with such credentials. His 21st book titled “ Magnum Ops”-Utsav (A Cultural Epic of India) was premiered at the Cannes Film festival and considered to be one of the unique of its own kind.

Well, adjectives will always be less to describe such personalities with a wide range of character but the chef always maximizes his deep regards to his "Grandmother" who was the only source of motivation during his tough times.Now or in next 10 years, Vikas Khanna will definitely be a night in the shining armor in the field of cooking.

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