Careers in Sales and Marketing for Fresh MBA Graduates

One of the major reasons why so many students are today pursuing management courses is career enhancement. Among the various streams of graduation, Sales and Marketing generally attracts the largest number of students. For the students who are interested in pursuing Sales and Marketing stream in MBA, it is important to understand what are various options and job profiles offered by the Industry.

Generally, the following job profiles are offered by the Industry:

  • Jobs in Sales of Retail Products (FMCG/Pharma/FMCD/Telecom): This comprises selling through distribution chain though super-stockists, wholesalers and retailers to the end customer. The job includes demand forecasting, proper display of organizational SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) and ensuring delivery of materials and getting payments. It also includes executing various promotional schemes and merchandising.
  • Sales of Financial Products (B2C): This involves sales of financial products (e.g. Insurance, Mutual Funds, Loans etc.) to a targeted set of clients. One has to understand the needs of the customers and accordingly advise the right mix of financial products which benefit them. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) profile is also offered in this segment.
  • Job in Retailing (Store Sales): This includes sales from Shops/mega stores in Malls or otherwise. This requires an understanding of what and how much to be stocked and how to promote (designing schemes & visual displays).
  • Marketing Research: It involves collecting data (through surveys, questionnaires etc.) on target customers and then analyzing that data to cull insights for better understanding of market’s needs, which might be stated or unstated. The companies who target this market can then customize/devise their offering which is most suited as per the discovered needs.
  • Sales of IT solutions/ Products (B2B): This includes finding out right set of customers who can benefit with such IT products/ solutions and then making them understand how it is going to benefit them. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) profile is also offered in this segment.
  • Digital Marketing: This is basically about website management and social media marketing. It includes understanding the client’s requirements on what message has to be disseminated and then working with teams to devise the requisite content and advertisement design. Many firms who do outsourcing work in this segment also hire people for CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Industries also offer some other profiles like Brand Management, Product Management and Media management but the general preference of Industry is to have people with few years of relevant industry experience. Fresh MBA graduates with past working experience may benefit from this. It is generally applied practice of industry that people handling marketing function should have enough field exposure, exposure to ground realities and should have done sales. This is considered essential to devise marketing campaigns which can be practically implemented in the market place.

Jyotsna Munshi

Prof. Jyotsna Munshi is presently working as an Assistant Professor and Head Corporate Interaction for IES Management College and Research Centre, Mumbai since 2013. She holds a master’s degree in electronics and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in management from Mumbai University. She has rich work experience of 22 years from different domains which include the education sector, industry sales and research and development.

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