Business Connect Event Hosted By Lexicon MILE 

Networking, connections, and communicating with inspiring men and women are the key aspects of beginning a career in the professional world. This was the primary goal behind The Lexicon Group’s Business Connect event. Hosted by The Lexicon Group’s Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence, the Business Connect event was a grand celebration of successful stories of the business world. 

The panel discussion was attended by various CEOs, Trustees, Managing Directors, Army Officers, and experts from the industry. The central topics of discussion were focussed on the trends of Emerging India and how future leaders could turn adversities into an advantage. The president of The Lexicon Group of Institutes, Mr. Pankaj Sharma, said that he was glad to host the esteemed panellists, who with their wit and wisdom in the conversations, inspired everyone in the audience. He also said that even though their personalities and expertise varied greatly, they were all very experienced and successful, and threw light on the topics of discussion from all the perspectives, making it the night of “changing perspectives.”

Some reputable panellists were, Dr. Jurgen Monhard, Consul General of the German Consulate Mumba; Mr. Saurabh Rao, IAS officer and recently appointed as the Sugar Commissioner of Maharashtra; Major General Navneet Kumar, presently serving as the General Officer Commanding of Dakshin Maharashtra & the Goan regions; Dr. Ramnath Subramaniam, Director of the Maharashtra Metro Rail Corp Ltd. and the CEO of Village Social Transformation Foundation; Mr. Nitin Chandel, who is the Managing Director and Head of BNY Mellon Technology, India; Mr. Neville Shroff, Owner and Partner of Mazda Chemicals; Mr. Kartik Anand, Founder and Executive Chairman of XDBS; Mr. Prakash Tolani, Senior Director of Aerospace and Defence at Siemens Industry; Mr. Swastik Sirsikar, Trustee and the Secretary of the Society for Computer Technology and Research; Mr. Sebastian Bidault, General Manager of Atlas Copco; and Mr. Sudish Panicker, the CEO of BNY Mellon, India. The entire panel discussion was led and moderated by Mr. Nasir Shaikh, GM, The Westin Hotel.

The audience comprised of students, entrepreneurs, corporates, educators, and ambitious people from all age groups. This contributed to the success of the Business Connect Event which was an unprecedented opportunity for everyone to share ideas and strategies. Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Stratasys; Mr. Piyush Arora, Production Head, Mercedes; Mr. Deepak Gulati, Marketing Head, Bridgestone, amongst others, were some noteworthy audience. 

For any student pursuing Management Studies, the final goal is to be able to get a job opportunity at a reputable company. Opportunities such as this Business Connect event open the windows of the world to the students. Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence lays strong emphasis on providing these types of opportunities throughout the year; these lay the foundations for connecting with the top members of the commerce industry. Other networking events hosted in 2019-20 for the students were the TEDxLexiconMILE event, Lexicon Golf Tournament, Winter Internships, etc. Students have also shared their feedback that these are valuable moments of networking, and they serve two primary purposes: the first, is to enable interaction, and the second, is to seek inspiration. These inspiring men and women show young students how to plan their careers and how to utilize their time and efforts. 

Additionally, events such as this Business Connect touch upon very relevant topics and provide insight into the challenges of the 21st-century business world. The topics of discussion, i.e., “Trends of Emerging India”, and “What Future Leaders Need to Do to Turn Adversity to Advantage”, led to the sharing of some worthwhile experiences and stories, as well as insightful tips and pieces of advice. For budding entrepreneurs also, these conversations prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead and push them to plan for the future. 

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