Bennett University's School of Applied Science Ranks Second in the Times Engineering Survey

Bennett University which is known for its competitive nature in providing quality education to the students along with opportunities and exposure. It has recently made news for being ranked second as top emerging engineering institutions according to The Times engineering survey. It is observed that certain practices in the institution have led it to this status. Engineering is one of the most popular courses in India. It is now a history that engineering only has limited fields to choose from. With technological advancement, new technologies have replaced the world and the need for updated engineering courses has risen recently. There are many options to choose from in engineering now than ever before. Electrical mechanical civil and computer are no longer only options in engineering. There are many more options such as blockchain coding cybersecurity artificial intelligence etc. With so many options it is not surprising that engineering is a top priority for a majority Chunk of students. Upon trying to understand the system in the institution which led it to the new success outstanding second many innovative approaches are found responsible. Bennett University keeps updating the curriculum to provide their students with better opportunities. These are a few reasons that are found as the reason for the institute's success.

It is usually observed that the world is updating every second need and requirements are also changing rapidly. To survive in this changing atmosphere institutes updating themselves play a vital role. Many institutions fail to update themselves instill follow the traditional method of learning and the old syllabus. Due to Bennett University updating the curriculum and their facilities every often this constitutes one of the reasons why Bennett University is seen as one of the top emerging engineering institutes of India. The other reason for leading the university to top is that it's the belief in hands-on learning to gain knowledge practically. Direct 32 Bilton labs in the University campus that provides a great learning atmosphere to the students. Some of the labs are Apple iMac labs installed to keep up with the adaptation and innovation. NVIDIA supercomputer lab for deep learning, Dell EMC Benett data analytics lab, Bennett NVIDIA center of excellence for artificial intelligence information management system lab and programming lab. And many others with a total of 32 lab facilities. All are built in association with corporates. Which insurance is providing the latest technology learning.

The institution employees the staff from the reputed institutes such as IITs and other eminent institutions. Those institutions are themselves an innovation center of India. Hiring teaching staff from those institutions ensures better quality learning for the students of Bennett University. The Institution hires highly professional and committed employees who are available for the students any time Students are in need of. The institution is also well known for providing scholarships for merit students ensuring better talents receive better opportunities.

The institution has collaborated with many leading corporates of the world which ensures placement opportunities for talented students of the institution. The students from the institution will be absorbed directly into the corporate world by the corporates they are in collaboration with. Placements in the institution are is promising according to the previous year's status. students are employed in reputed companies such as Microsoft TCS Wipro etc. Students are encouraged to pick their own innovative specialization and work on innovative projects which ensure the mastery over the subject for students and helps in building competitiveness and competitive advantage. It is due to the holistic approach adopted by Bennett University that has to lead it to become the top emerging institutions of India.  Enroll today for a B.Tech degree from Bennett University to ensure yourself a fabulous future. Visit: or Contact- 1800 103 8484       

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