Bennett University Launched BA Liberal Arts Program for the Aspirants

Recently Bennette University launched the BA Liberal Arts Program for the undergraduate students. Students can pick the courses of their preferences, they can earn credits for playing physical sports or going to the gym and they don't have to decide their Major at the time of admission. In today’s generation, it is very common for youngsters to choose abroad studies but now they have one avenue and an amazing opportunity to do a Liberal Arts program in India without compromising on the standard and flexibility offered by the universities abroad. Bennett University is launching a Liberal Arts program in the BA stream from the academic year 2020.

The BA program is of three years duration, which allows students to pace their learning, and gives them space to decide the courses of their choice. It also offers them the opportunity to do an extra one year and earn a Post- Graduate Diploma in their chosen area of study after finishing their degree. The course is indeed a pathway for the students to Arts in their own perspective. An important feature of the program is that the students do not have to choose their Major at the time of admission. Instead, they have one full year to explore their area of interest. In the second year, they can decide their major for their further studies. Here they have a wide range of choices for their Major subjects. They have ten domains to choose a major from which includes Psychology, Business Studies, Philosophy, Marketing, Journalism, Economics, Finance, Advertising & Public Relations, Political Science, and English Literature. For each Major, they have separate specialization options through which students will be able to explore their field of interest.

Bennett University indeed offers excellent pedagogy for every stream. This University also designed this program to provide all-round holistic development to students; education that develops interpersonal skills improves perspectives and prepares students to deal with everyday challenges of life in a balanced and responsible manner. BA Liberal Arts is considered as the foundation courses in the first year to broaden their knowledge and enhance their oral and writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The Bennett University programs are not just limited to classroom learning. The students can earn credits for playing physical sports or going to the gym. They will be given classics and bestsellers from various fields to read, analyze, and discuss. This practice will helpful for improving their conversational skills and perspectives and challenge dogmas. They will also get an opportunity to meet and interact with some of the leaders and influencers of the media and the industry.

This program will be beneficial to improve the view, confidence, self-esteem, of the students, and open a number of career options such as journalism, content creation, public relations, advertising, management, marketing, finance, economic services, counselling, analytics, consultancy, civil services, and many more. The Finance, Business Studies, and Marketing Majors will also impart leadership skills and help students climb the corporate ladder faster and become the corporate leader to rule the corporate world. These three Majors are not offered by other Liberal Arts programs in the country but are quite unique to Bennett University’s Liberal Arts program. Many Educationist legends believe that Liberal Arts programs will not only an optimistic path for the new generation to face the world with confidence but also change the course of higher education in India.

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