BCCM Organized its 7th Webinar on “Redesigning B-School Curriculum Post Covid-19”

Bhavan’s Centre for Communication & Management (BCCM) has conducted its 7th webinar session on “Redesigning B-School Curriculum Post COVID-19” on June 26 from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

Evidently COVID-19 is devastating the whole world very badly. The consequences are visible in almost all sectors. It is essential that we pick out key learning’s from it and be better prepared for tomorrow. COVID19 has severely disrupted the educational system leading to the cancellation of not only classes but many important exams. Social connect which the educational institutes provided to the students is broken. Has Covid19 shown better ways of imparting education? How should the B-Schools adapt to the current and emerging situation, post-COVID? What does it entail in terms of the curriculum? Are some of the neverending questions that are bothering a bunch of aspirants. To discuss all this and more, BCCM, Bhubaneswar has organized a webinar on topic - Redesigning B-School Curriculum Post Covid19. 

To overcome the ugly truth many people using various methods to fight with COVID-19. The entire education system, the institutes, faculty, and students have adopted or thinking of adopting new ways and means to ensure continuity, to ensure quality, to be more effective and efficient. Blended learning and faster adoption of digital technologies are being looked at. BCCM Panellists, Prof. (Dr.) K.C Mishra Former Vice-Chancellor Sri Sri University,  Prof. (Dr.) D.V Ramana Sr. Prof. XIM, XUB Bhubaneswar, Prof. Abhishek Sinha, Faculty BCCM, Worked in senior managerial positions at leading corporates, Maj. Gen (Retd.) B.K.Mahapatra, AVSM President of India Nominee in the Executive Council of Allahabad University very brilliantly explained How the B-School is suffering and what could be the possible remedy of the B-School Curriculum post-COVID-19 scenario. The event was indeed a success and offers valuable reshaping ideas for Management institutes. 

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