An Artificially Intelligent World

According to Dr. Kulneet Suri, Senior Director, IMS, Noida, the world of technology and computers have not stopped evolving since their inception. Now, they have made way for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machines have the capacity to learn from their environment and react to it accordingly.

The basis of AI is nothing but algorithms and codes that have enabled machines to become intelligent. Currently, the market for AI is huge. Every leader in the market uses AI to power their product be it Google or Amazon. Maps, voice assistants, online shopping apps, all of these use artificial intelligence. Smartphones and other wearables include some amount of AI in them.

The whole world is ready to invest in this technology and hence the demand for professionals has seen exponential growth. Experts predict that AI will be a major player in the future and will create better job prospects.

The future workforce will be taken over by AI:

It is predicted that tomorrow’s workforce will be taken over by Artificial Intelligence. It only makes sense to assume so as robots can decrease the time taken to build a product, check for defects in real time and send feedback for improvement immediately. This process takes a longer time for a human workforce. As companies will be looking to get more bots, graduates contribute to building such technology.

Smart Cities run by AI:

Construction of over 100 smart cities has been sanctioned by the Indian Government and they look to sanction for more. Such cities will have the capacity to perform with very less human interaction and depend a lot more on the programming skills of the people.

Street lights will be automated to turn on or off, traffic control will be centred in a central station, banks are expected to run autonomously and even the cars shall be without human drivers. Barcelona, Spain is already a smart city and Indian cities are trying not to be far behind. Computer Science graduates will be the backbone for such technology.

Every Industry shall employ AI

Hospitals already use robots to perform minor surgeries and they may just improve on that. Restaurants may get robots to cook for them. Even medicines can be administered to patients in a hospital by intelligent bots by measuring the patients’ vitals and giving the right amount of medicines. Stores may replace their front-end personnel with voice assistants. According to statistics, there are over 32,000 vacant positions in the field of development of AI in the US alone. And the Global number may be higher. With a relevant degree, the graduate can work in any sector involving building an intelligent machine.

Why is it the right career choice?

The field of Artificial Intelligence is still in its infant stage. Companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple have all invested huge amounts of money and workforce in their AI departments. Google has been testing automated cars and Facebook has automatic chat machines coming up. Not only the players in the big league, but the smaller startups also target simpler projects of AI which are equally good to be a part of.

The future is AI and the industry will steadily increase. With the increase in demand for the right candidates, it will not be impossible to draw a seven-figure salary. The industry also allows graduates to be part of something big and futuristic. With the right preparation, a well-paying and professionally satisfying job can be landed in the field of AI.

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