Amid Pandemic, MIT WPU Adds New Curriculum For B.Tech Courses

The field of technology is growing rapidly every year and is attracting a large number of students who aspire careers in the engineering stream. MIT-WPU Faculty of Engineering and Technology has been carrying forward the legacy of four decades inherited from MIT Pune to make engineers who excel in their chosen technological spectrum. The university has ranked in the top institutes for B.Tech and is ranked as the 7th best Private Institute for Engineering in India, as per the Times Engineering Survey 2020 and 2nd in the Top Private Engineering Institute Rankings 2020 for West Zone by Times Engineering Survey 2020.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, MIT World Peace University has been keeping up with their age-old traditions and they have taken a number of initiatives to fight this situation. During the nationwide lockdown, MIT-WPU prepped up to fight the situation in different sectors and has continued with its primary aim of spreading quality education through online classes. This has motivated students to not lose out on education in these difficult times. The university is also making efforts to plan internships, campus interviews, and placement for graduating students.

MIT-WPU has incurred Academic Restructuring for the New Education Policy 2020. They have incorporated the skills required as per market demands minimizing the overlapping of courses across all B.Tech Curriculum.

Here’s how:

  • The university has selected cutting-edge courses like Linux based Python Laboratory, Basic IoT Laboratory, Data Science and AI and ML for all BTech courses.
  • Students of B.Tech, other than Computer Engineering (CE) can choose minor courses in Computer Engineering. To get the minor degree, the student should acquire additional 20 credits that have been decided for minor in CE.
  • These credits will add up to the mandatory 168 credits of B.Tech Program in which the student is primarily admitted. After completion of 168 + 20 credits.

MIT-WPU has introduced some special courses of academic excellence in engineering and offers B.Tech in several new courses. The courses are:

  • Polymer Engineering: With ground-breaking discovery happening within the field, Polymer Engineering has entered a lot of newer areas such as electronics, biodegradable plastics, medical equipment and utility. The polymer engineering course at MIT-WPU is aligned with technical improvements and students can select subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Additive and Digital Marketing and Certificate in Rubber Technology by RSDC which gives students a much needed in-depth exposure.
  • Civil Engineering: Civil Engineers are needed to make the various giant infrastructure projects on whose back the world runs. From building dams for rivers to building skyscrapers and roadways and ports; every structure that is man-made needs a Civil Engineer and so its demand in the market is ever-rising. Students can opt-in for elective subjects like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Infrastructure, GIS and Remote sensing for an in-depth exposure.
  • Mechanical Engineering & Robotics and Automation: MIT-WPU offers an undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering and a specialized undergraduate program in Robotics and Automation. Students are benefited from the new-age Robotics laboratory that gives the students both the academic pursuit of perfection as well as its practical pursuit.
  • Computer Engineering & Technology: In the Digital and IT revolution the importance of Computer Engineering cannot be undermined. The global IT industry is valued at around $ 3.7 trillion. And in spite of that size of the industry is still growing.
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering: The School of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) of MIT World Peace University was one of the pioneering department of the MIT, Pune and has earned numerous laurels in the last four decades.
  • Electrical Engineering: The program in electrical engineering makes sure that the students get the exposure with the wide variety of advanced technologies and concepts such as PLC and SCADA, Robotics and Automation, Electrical Vehicles, Renewable Energy Systems, Smart Grids, Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT), and others.
  • Chemical Engineering: MIT-WPU School of Chemical Engineering is one of the primary centres of chemical engineering within the whole of India. It was made to meet the rising demand in the market for Chemical Engineers in India, it has produced a competitive ambience among students and supplied a competent workforce for over forty years. 
  • Petroleum Engineering: One of the prominent highlights for the petroleum department is Presence of CAIRN CAMPUS CONNECT, ONGC Chair Professors and MoU with SHELL and AKER. Almost all top multinational and national corporations in the oil and gas domain visit MIT-WPU for placements along with prestigious collaborations.

MIT WPU spreads education through wellness as they have different programs on Yoga, Meditation and Peace Studies. MIT-WPU Faculty of Engineering & Technology believes in the practical application of theoretical knowledge and aims to achieve practical excellence through its teaching methodology and a curriculum designed in tune with the industry needs. With all this, MIT-WPU has one of the best placement records in India.

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