Allahabad University students struggle to find accomodation

Allahabad University students are facing trouble as the university got a high court order which directed the university to remove the illegal residents from the university's hostels. Finding alternative means of accommodation at such a short notice is proving to be quite a task for most of the students.

As it is, the university has a shortage of hostels and PG's around the city and the already existing ones are under terrible conditions and are often inhospitable as they lack basic facilities.

The Private Accommodation Facilities Face Tough Competition

The university has nine hostels for males and six hostels for females as of now. Every year over 600 students take admission into the hostels and these admissions are concluded at the beginning of the academic year. The university has seen a rise in the number of students coming from the other cities and states only recently due to the rising popularity of the university's professional courses.

Most privately owned hostels and lodges also are occupied in the beginning of the academic year as many students coming from different places seek for places to stay. Most of the standard PG's are also occupied during the beginning of the year. Students looking for accommodations throng these places as they struggle to find accommodation.

Students who come from well-doing families with strong economic backgrounds seek for places which offer the best facilities and comfortable living places. This results in increased competition amongst the private hostel owners and the lodge and the PG owners. 

The university also knows that they need to construct new hostels to meet the growing demand for accommodation amongst the university's students. The students will however, have to face these problems until the new hostels are built.

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