African Students don\'t feel safe at NIU

Noida International University (NIU) is a UGC (University Grants Commission) recognized university and is sponsored by the Maruti Educational Trust. It was given the status of a university by the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

African Students quit attending classes

The African students do not feel safe in and around the campus of the University. Four African students were assaulted on Monday and now they have stopped attending classes or haven't been seen in and around the campus of the University. The five Nigerian students, who were booked for allegedly abducting and murdering Manish Khari (16), also belong to NIU and are not to be seen on the university campus.

Manish, A student at NIU Died due to Drug overdose
Manish was a 16-year-old student, studying at Noida International University(NIU). The student lived in the NSG Black Cat Enclave Society of Greater Noida's Sector Chi II. He died of alleged drug overdose on Saturday evening, a day after he went missing. According to the residents, the boy was found in an intoxiocated state in the society surroundings, before he died.
Five students who were alleged that they had drugged the boy after abducting him. The five students were Usman, Amir, Kabir, Abdul, and Sayeed. They were picked up based on a complaint by the victim's family members. The five were released a day later for want of evidence.

Where are the African Students?
As one enters the premises of the grand university building decorated with flags of multiple countries, students from different states are visible but lately, the African students are nowhere to be seen. A Kashmiri student of civil engineering, who requested anonymity, told TOI that there were almost 1,000 African students but most of them were not coming to the university since Monday. The student further said, "Some are our friends. We exchange notes whenever we meet, they invite us home. As far as we are concerned, they have been good to us." On making an inquiry, some students from the University said that the Africans were too scared to step out of their homes and that they were helping them with getting food and other essential items required on a daily basis. Also, many Indian students are praising their African friends, describing them as easy-going and friendly. They mentioned that there are others who link them with drugs.

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