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Penn Foster College is a for-profit private college accredited both regionally and nationally. It is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, best known for its online programs. The college offers bachelors, associates, masters and undergraduates certificates. It provides all the skills required for the high-quality job market. The syllabus offered by this college is up-to-date which will always help in enhancing the career.  

Faculties are highly professional and help students by continuously monitoring them. They provide tips and guidance to the students and help them to achieve the particular goal. Most of the coursework’s are handled by highly trained professional with latest technologies. College offers various online programs i.e. students are able to flexibly adapt according to their needs. There are also many online colleges situated in the US like Ashworth college offering different courses online.


The college is licensed by both regional and national accrediting organizations. It means that the college provides high-quality education and the programs meets the quality standards set forth by the accreditor. The programs have been evaluated by the accrediting body against a pre-determined set of criteria. The college is also reviewed by the ACE college credit recommendation service. A student can check all the transfer credit policies if they are planning to get admission in this college.


Penn Foster's mission is to enhance the lives of their students through the procurement of information, abilities, and certifications that can enable them to achieve the goal in their field of interest, starting a new career, or seeking a long-lasting learning. Admission policy plays an important role supporting the mission that allows students to enroll in programs without any difficulties related to race, religion, gender, age etc.


  •    Programs help students to motivate themselves and learn independently acquiring core competencies in their field of interests
  •    Students are trained well with new learning strategies based on academic standards of good practice in an online education
  •    Better opportunities are provided with interactive sessions and class participation
  •    A systematic way of student learnings is assessed by the institution for better academic performance
  •    Student support service is provided by the college based on the student needs and interest

Online Programs:

Penn Foster College offers various online programs that are nationally accredited. You can earn associate and bachelor degree at an affordable price. An online course costs around $75 per credit but it may depend based on subjects. There are also several payment plans which will help you with financing your college education with 0% interest.

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