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According to the Senior Director of Institute of Management Studies, Noida, Dr Kulneet Suri, the professional skills and expertise which is commonly called as hard skills can get an individual a job they prefer but not beyond that. She is an expert in Management Studies and Development.

The best example for this would be that the best programmer can get promoted to be the technical head but cannot become the CEO with his basic skill set alone. This applies to all the fields out there as it is always a necessity to have something extra to reach the top. Sometimes it is also termed as the X-factor. This factor should help the individual get easily noticed in a crowd, establish their value in the company and help them become an asset to the company.

In MBA colleges, students learn the soft skills that help them achieve excellence. It adds the missing X-factor. With soft skills, an individual can contribute to a company beyond their knowledge of the technical world. The way a person handles stressful situations, how they socialize with other employees and the way they behave generally matters a lot in today’s competitive corporate atmosphere.

To gain professional prowess and reach the highest level of success one must possess the top five soft skills which will help them throughout their personal and professional life. Here’s the list of top five soft skills that are a must:

Public Speaking:

Top companies will be on the lookout for employees with great oratory skills. If a student does not have good public speaking skills, they must overcome their fear of speaking in front of an audience. They must work on their vocabulary and on-the-spot thinking as well. Public speaking is considered as a must-have skill for all managers. As a manager entails presenting new ideas, heading product launches, hold press conferences, motivating their team, they are expected to rise up to the occasion.

The best Management colleges in the country will provide opportunities to their students to improve their oration abilities. If the end goal for an individual is to become a CEO, they must keep improving this skill as the more one speaks, the better they become at it.

Leadership and Team Management:

Leadership is a quality that varies from person to person. The way one person handles a leadership role differs from how a different person would handle the same role. Such roles require the person to have a strong personality as well as be empathetic. Understanding a situation and taking difficult decisions is a part of the job. Being a leader is not for everyone, but those who wish to be one must find the skills that can make them one. Sometimes playing along with the team can also make one a great leader as they need not always instruct the team to do something.

Students must build their leadership skills so that eventually they can learn how to manage a team. Since most companies have similar structures, they all look for similar qualities when looking for employees. The students can show them that they are capable of helping not only themselves but also those around them. This makes recruiting them an easy option as the students are viewed as potential leaders.

Make a Sale:

The ability to make a sale is nothing must the skill of negotiation. Students from all specializations of MBA must know how to make a sale. Sales skills help them understand how people buy a product. They must be capable of creating a need for the product and also negotiate to sell the product at the best price. The same concept can be used any innovative idea or when an individual is looking for a pay hike. It is even helpful in switching companies. The ability to convince by making a strong case for oneself is what will help an individual in their professional life. The best way to develop this skill is to get out in the field and send an unsellable product. One can only learn from this if they fail.

Time Management:

Time Management is another major skill required as it helps balance professional and personal life. Most successful managers know that time management is the reason for their productivity and it will not hurt the individual in any way if they build this skill right from the college days. By honing this skill one becomes efficient at using their hours better and they will get a lot done in a short duration.

A fixed routine is needed in a person’s life and this helps them develop self-discipline. The best MBA colleges in the industry inculcate these habits in the students from the start which will help them in their professional life in the long run.

Body Language:

Body language in a work environment matters the most. The way a person expresses themselves in the company of others says a lot about them. A manager who looks unpleasant and is slouching will not evoke much respect from their subordinates nor will he/she inspire them. A motivation speech can have a negative effect if the same positivity is not expressed in the speech. The way a person carries themselves while doing their tasks matters in their professional growth and hence everybody should improve their body language.

To improve body language, students and professionals can rely on numerous books on body language, online videos or seek expert help. College libraries usually have books on the subject. A great body language may help exude confidence and may not draw attention to any other skill that the person is lacking at the time.

Students can start off by noting down the skills they already have and the skills they are yet to develop. They must work on them with focus. The best MBA college hands all these skills its students and becomes the student’s responsibility to make optimum use of their skills.

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