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Mechatronics Colleges in India

Updated on - Jun 02nd, 2020 | 09:33 AM by Prajesh Kumar

mechatronics colleges in India

Mechatronics engineering is a new branch that is taking the world by storm, especially in India. It is there in the name itself that it is a combination of mechanical engineering and electronics engineering, having core concepts from both of these branches. People misunderstand it to be similar to robotics but that is not the case. Robotics involves certain aspects of the mechatronics course, but it is not based entirely on it. This is an upcoming field and it will go a long way ahead as we head into the future because of its countless applications. The moment you realize you are into robotics and you feel like you are good at creating new things, you should definitely go for this course. So this article is about mechatronics colleges in India and also about the scope of mechatronics.

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What is Mechatronics?

In this section, we will be discussing the meaning of mechatronics and mechatronics is a branch of engineering that deals with designing, manufacturing, and maintaining products that consist of both mechanical and electronic components.

The term mechatronics was minted by Tetsuro Mori in 1969. He used the term to explain the synergy between the electrical control systems and the mechanical machines they regulate. Later the meaning of the term has broadened including the integration of various other disciplines such as computer engineering, systems engineering and so on.

What do mechatronics engineer do or deal with

Mechatronics engineers operate in all phases of the evolution of products from design, testing up to manufacturing. We can say that nowadays there is no product which is entirely electronic, or mechanical in nature. With the growing technology, modern mechanical systems are embedded with electronics in order to operate it easily. Hence there is a growing demand for skilled mechatronics engineers. That is why mechatronics colleges in India play such an important role.

Scope of mechatronics engineering in India

The mechatronics systems and products are in high demand both national and international markets as well. This creates huge employment opportunities after graduation in Mechatronics. So right now as it stands, the scope of mechatronics in India is booming.

The role of the mechatronics engineer includes designing, assembling, testing, and evaluating products. Mechatronics technician job involves inspecting, repairing electrical and electronic components, and troubleshooting.

Mechatronics engineer produces machines that are coordinated with effective control systems. Mechanical engineers are the brain behind consumer goods such as microwaves, cars, and smartphones which can operate in a simpler and more reliable way.

Some of the tasks of mechatronics engineers will be

  • Analyze industrial problems and develop the solution using mechanical and electronic technology.
  • Designing and building new products.
  • Improved the existing products for better productivity and efficiency.
  • Improve automation making the work easier.
  • Implement a computer-driven control system for better accuracy of the outcome.
  • Carryout modeling and designing of products for better efficiency and comfort.

Mechatronics Courses In India

Mechatronics is a synthesizing engineering field and the incorporation of mechanical and electronics engineering. Both the subjects of mechanical and electronics be part of mechatronics. So it involves a vast range of topics since we are combining two huge core branches that already have a lot of syllabus. The courses might be similar to electronics students as they will find it a bit similar to their course. Below are the courses present in the mechatronics field:

  • Introduction to Mechatronics
  • Control Systems
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Hydraulics

Introduction to Mechatronics

 In this course, students will be acknowledged with the basics of analog and digital electronics. Some of the engineering basics such as sensors, logic gates, controllers and microprocessors are covered. The topics mentioned are covered in theory as well as practical.

Control Systems

 Students in control systems come across topics such as creation, repair, troubleshooting of electrical, thermal, flow and mechanical systems. The advantages of computer and stability analysis systems to test mechanical systems are also covered in this course.

Industrial Electronics

In this course, students tend to learn electronic industrial activities such as the use of direct current(DC) and alternating current(AC) in manufacturing. There are also other fields that students learn in this that may include pressure, speed motor control, servo-mechanisms, conduits and timers. 


With this course, students get familiar with computed numerically controlled machines, conveyor belts and robots in manufacturing.  This course may include the reliability of machines and products, comprehension of manufacturing techniques, testing and diagnosing flawed manufacturing components and examine environmental factors.

This course is specifically for the students who want to work in the manufacturing and sales field of mechatronics.


This course covers the topics on repair, diagnostics, and replacement of hydraulic components in a manufacturing machine. This course mainly stays on the use and construction of hydraulics in machinery. By the conduct of lab work, it will be useful for the students to learn assembly and disassembly of the components. 

Mechatronics Subjects

There are many subjects in mechatronics in all the semesters. The subjects in the first year of mechatronics engineering are given below

Semester I Semester II
Engineering Mathematics I Engineering Mathematics II
Engineering Mechanics Strength of the materials
Basic Mechatronics Tech. Basic electronics
Communication Skill in English
Mechanical Engineering Sciences
Engineering Chemistry Engineering Physic
Problem Solving using Computers Basic Workshop Practice
Environmental Studies Engineering Physics Lab
Engineering Chemistry Lab -
Problem Solving using Computer Labs -

Subjects involved in the second year of mechatronics engineering are given below

Semester III Semester IV
Engineering Mathematics III Engineering Mathematics IV
Engineering Thermodynamics Design of Machine Elements
Fluid Mechanics and Machines Machine Tools and Processes
Analogue and Digital Circuits Metrology
Signals and Networks Theory of Machines
Electronic Devices & Digital Lab Microprocessor & Interfacing
Material Testing Lab Microprocessor Lab
- Fluid Mechanics Lab
- Machine Shop

Subjects involved in the third year of mechatronics engineering are given below.

Semester V Semester VI
Robotics and Vision System MEMS & Nano Technology
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
Design of Mechatronics Systems CAD
Control Systems Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Modeling and Simulation Programmable Logic Control
Sensors and Signal Processing (SSP)
Electronics Manufacturing Technology
SSP – Lab DSP Lab
- CAD Lab
- Automation Lab

Subjects involved in the fourth year of mechatronics engineering are given below

Semester VII Semester VIII
Autotronics Technical Seminar
Engineering Economics & Financial Management Industrial Training/Tour
Elective I Project Work/Practice School
Elective II -
Intelligent Controllers -
Power Electronics -
Programmable Logic Control Lab -

Outcomes Of Studying Mechatronics Engineering

Gain knowledge of mathematical analysis such as differentiation and integrals, and differential equations, principles of linear algebra, eigenvectors, solving systems of linear equations, solve problems in calculus and various other concepts required in the field of mechatronics. You will become very knowledgeable of the various softwares used in the industry. You will also be better prepared to enter into robotics as a career as many of the core concepts are dealt with in this course.

Improvement In Disciplinary Skills

Apply methods from physics, mathematics, and computer science practically in order to solve problems. Knowing the effective way to utilize the combination of mathematical modeling and computer programming. Manage and analyze projects, using current best-practice methods effectively.

Improvement In Personal Skills

Formulate and work on open-ended problems. Knowing how to apply standard scientific principles to develop solutions to a range of practical problems. Recognize the limits of the student in expertise and know when it is necessary and
appropriate to seek specialist advice proactively.

Improvement In Interpersonal Skills

Use time management and work planning related to the organization efficiently. Be a productive team member and contribute to the management of team projects.


Commitment to getting updated with evolving technologies and research happening across the globe. Apply analytical skills and modeling methodologies to recognize, analyze, and implement solutions to problems.

Mechatronics Engineering Colleges In India

Here is the list of top colleges for mechatronics in India which are present in various locations with fee details.

Also, check the top engineering colleges in various engineering branches.

Best Mechatronics colleges in India
College name  Location Fees
MIT World Peace University Pune, Maharashtra 11.4 Lakhs
Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal, Karnataka 14.11 Lakhs
LPU Phagwara, Punjab 5.16 Lakhs
Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore, Tamil Nadu 14.25 Lakhs
SRM Institute of Science and Technology Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu 15.1 Lakhs
College of Engineering Pune Pune, Maharashtra 2.37 Lakhs
NIT Surathkal Mangaluru, Karnataka 2.36 Lakhs
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology Shibpur Howrah, West Bengal 5.6 Lakhs
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University New Delhi, Delhi 45 Lakhs
Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology Patiala, Punjab 11.47 Lakhs
SASTRA University Tirumalaisamudram, Tamil Nadu 4.6 Lakhs
Thiagarajar College of Engineering Thiruparankundram, Tamil Nadu 3.08 Lakhs
VIT Chennai Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu 2.5 Lakhs
IIT Patna Dealpur Daulat, Bihar 8.5 Lakhs
Sinhgad College of Engineering Pune, Maharashtra 3.68 Lakhs
Chandigarh University Chandigarh, Punjab 6.76 Lakhs
Acharya Institute of Technology Bengaluru, Karnataka 6.8 Lakhs
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Bhubaneshwar, Odisha 4.4 Lakhs
LNM Institute of Information Technology Jaipur, Rajasthan 14.24 Lakhs
Galgotias University Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 9.25 Lakhs
Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation Vaddeswaram, Andhra Pradesh 7.9 Lakhs
Manipal University Jaipur Dahmi Kalan, Rajasthan 14 Lakhs
Kumaraguru College of Technology Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 1.6 Lakhs
Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Padur, Tamil Nadu 10.52 Lakhs
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Telangana 3.296 Lakhs

Mechatronics Scope and Salary in India

Everybody wants to know mechatronics engineering salary in India. Because this is what separates us from the rest. Mechatronics is a vast field and combines many different divisions of Engineering such as mechanical, electrical and computer science engineering for designing mechanical products like washing machines, cameras, laser printers, and etc. Mechatronics scope and salary in India are high in the present and future. Mechatronics Engineer's average salary ranging from 64000 and 96000 per month.

Mechatronics Scope In India

Mechatronics EngineeringIn this section, we will take a look at the Mechatronics Engineering scope in India. The application of mechatronics meets the demand of various fields such as Machine Vision, Automation and robotics, Servo-mechanics, Computer-machine controls, Expert systems, Industrial goods, Consumer products and so on.

Mechatronics Engineering is a blend of four different subjects such as Mechanical Systems, Computers, Electronic Systems, and Control Systems. Since the lines between different fields are getting blurred, the demand for skilled mechatronics engineers is getting increased. As the subjects are multidimensional the mechatronics engineers have the scope in a wide range of industries.

Considering the core sectors like manufacturing and R&D the use of computational power is increasing drastically. Mechanical engineers who are capable of code are preferred by the industries as the industries are moving to prepare for a future where engineering is completely integrated with computers.

Mechatronics engineers get the advantages of both mechanical and electrical engineers. Comparing the last few years there is a 5% growth in terms of employment in comparison to electrical engineers.

Mechatronics Jobs & Salary in India

Jobs for mechatronics engineers in India according to some of the top designations are is given in the table below. The salary specified is an average estimation specified per annum according to the report of PayScale.

Mechatronics Salary in India
Designation Average Salary PA(Rs)
Project Engineer Rs 437,421
Mechanical Engineer Rs 259,921
Design Engineer Rs 362,890
Mechanical Design Engineer Rs 277,424
Technical Sales Engineer Rs 317,861
Senior Mechanical Engineer Rs 487,202
Design Engineering Manager Rs 1,076,421
Manufacturing Engineering Manager Rs 1,117,194
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer Rs 579,292
Product Development Manager Rs 648,189

Even though, the salary varies with different companies you will get an average estimation of salary provided for each position.

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