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JAC 12th Syllabus 2022

JAC 12th syllabus 2022 for Science/Commerce/Arts is provided by the Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC). Therefore, JAC publishes the JAC syllabus for all classes online. Candidates can download all the stream syllabuses, i.e., Science, Commerce & Arts, from official website. JAC 12th syllabus 2022 will be available in PDF file format. Candidates can therefore download and refer to the syllabus for future reference.

Table of Contents

JAC 12th Syllabus 2022 Highlights

Important highlights of the JAC 12th board exam syllabus 2022 are mentioned below:

Conducting authority

Jharkhand Academic Council

Exam name

JAC 12th board examination 2022


JAC 12th syllabus

Mode of reference


Syllabus format



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JAC 12th Syllabus 2022 (Subject List)

The following table refers to the subject list under the JAC 12th board exam 2022. There are three main streams which include Arts, Science, and Commerce. History, Psychology, Philosophy, Economics, Music, etc., are some of the subjects in the Arts stream. Subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Geology, etc., are a part of the Science stream. The commerce stream consists of subjects like Economics, Accountancy, Business studies, etc.






Additional Language



Computer Science


Mathematics / Statistics



Additional Language



Computer Science

Mathematics / Statistics

Political Science



Home Science


Business Studies



Business Mathematics


Biology (Botony+Zoology)



Compulsory Core Language Hindi ‘A’, Hindi ‘B’ +Matribhasha & English ‘A’

Compulsory Core Language Hindi ‘A’, Hindi ‘B’ +Matribhasha & English ‘A’


--  --  

Elective Language (Compulsory)

 --  --  

Elective Language (Compulsory)

 --  --  

JAC 12th Syllabus 2022 - Stream-Wise

The JAC 12th board consists of three different streams with the addition of a compulsory subject, i.e., English:

JAC 12th Syllabus 2022 for Science Stream

The JAC 12th Science-Stream syllabus 2022 consists of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and many more.

JAC 12th Mathematics Syllabus 2022

The Mathematics syllabus consists of two parts as follows:

Mathematics - Part 1

  • Relations and Functions

  • Determinants

  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions

  • Continuity and Differentiability

  • Application of Derivatives

  • Matrices

Mathematics - Part 2

  • Integrals

  • Application of Integrals

  • Differential Equations

  • Vector Algebra

  • Three Dimensional Geometry

  • Linear Programming

  • Probability

JAC 12th Physics Syllabus 2022

The JAC 12th Physics syllabus consists of 12 chapters with some of the important topics as mentioned below. Going through this table may give the candidates an idea about the important topics and they can prepare accordingly.

Chapters Important Topics
Electrostatics Electric charges, Coulomb’s law, Electric field, Electric flux, Electric potential, Conductors and insulators, Van de Graaff generator, Capacitors, etc
Current Electricity Electric current, Internal resistance, Kirchhoff’s laws, Potentiometer, Ohm’s law, electrical resistance, V-I characteristics, etc
Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism Oersted’s experiment, Biot – Savart law and its application, Ampere’s law and its applications, moving coil galvanometer, Cyclotron, Force on a current-carrying conductor, Torque, etc
Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents Faraday’s law, Lenz’s Law, Eddy currents, LCR series circuit, resonance, Alternating currents, AC generator, and transformer, etc
Electromagnetic Waves Electromagnetic waves, Electromagnetic spectrum, etc
Electronic Devices Semiconductors, I-V characteristics, photodiode, solar cell, and Zener diode, etc
Communication Systems The bandwidth of signals, sky and space wave propagation, Propagation of electromagnetic waves
Optics Reflection of light, mirror formula. Refraction of light, Optical instruments, Wave optics, Young’s double-slit experiment, Huygens’ principle, etc
Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation Photoelectric effect, Hertz and Lenard’s observations, de Broglie relation, Einstein’s photoelectric equation, Davisson-Germer experiment, etc
Atoms and Nuclei Rutherford’s model, Bohr model, hydrogen spectrum, radioactive decay law, nuclear fission, and fusion, etc
Physical World and Measurement Scope and excitement; nature of physical laws; Physics, technology, and society
Oscillations and Waves Periodic motion-period, frequency, displacement as a function of time. Periodic functions. Wave motion, Longitudinal and transverse waves, speed of wave motion.

JAC 12th Syllabus 2022 for Commerce Stream

JAC 12th Commerce syllabus 2022 consists of Accountancy, Computer Science, English, and many more

JAC 12th Accountancy Syllabus 2022

The Accountancy syllabus consists of two parts as follows:

Semester III: Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisations and Partnership Firms

Unit I: Accounting Not-for-Profit Organisation (Periods 24)

  • Not-for-profit organization: Meaning and Examples.

  • Receipts and Payments: Meaning and Concept of fund-based and non-fund-based accounting.

  • Preparation of Income and Expenditure Account and Balance sheet from receipt and payment account with additional information.

Unit II: Accounting for Partnership (Periods 16)

  • Nature of Partnership Firm: Partnership deed (meaning and importance).

  • Final Accounts of Partnership: Fixed v/s Fluctuating capital, Division of profit among partners, Profit, and Loss Appropriation account.

Unit III: Reconstitution of Partnership (Periods 40)

  • Changes in profit sharing ratio among the existing partners – Sacrificing ratio and Gaining ratio.

  • Accounting for Revaluation of Assets and Liabilities and Distribution of reserves and accumulated profits.

  • Goodwill: Nature, Factors affecting and Methods of valuation: Average profit, Super profit, Multiplier, and Capitalisation methods.

  • Admission of a Partner: Effect of admission of a partner, Change in profit sharing ratio, the Accounting treatment for goodwill, Revaluation of assets and liabilities, Reserves (accumulated profits), and Adjustment of capitals.

Unit IV: Dissolution of Partnership Firm (Periods 24)

  • Meaning, Settlement of accounts: Preparation of realization account and related accounts (excluding piecemeal distribution, sale to a company, and insolvency of a Partner)

Semester IV: Company Accounts and Financial Statement Analysis

Unit V: Accounting for Share and Debenture Capital (Periods 42)

  • Share Capital: Meaning, Nature, and Types.

  • Accounting for Share Capital: Issue and Allotment of Equity and Preference Shares; Oversubscription and Under subscription; Issue at par, premium and at discount; Calls in advance, Calls in arrears, Issue of shares for consideration other than cash.

  • Forfeiture of Shares: Accounting treatment, Re-issue of forfeited shares.

  • Presentation of shares and Debentures Capital in the company’s balance sheet.

  • Issue of Debenture – At par, premium, and discount; Issue of debentures for consideration other than cash.

  • Redemption of the debenture.

  • Out of proceeds of fresh issue, accumulated profits, and sinking fund.

Unit VI: Analysis of Financial Statements (Periods 42)

  • Financial Statements of a Company: Preparation of simple financial statements of a company in the prescribed form with major headings only.

  • Financial Analysis: Meaning, Significance, and Purpose, Limitations.

  • Tools for Financial Analysis: Comparative statements, Common size statements.

  • Accounting Ratios: Meaning and Objectives, Types of ratios.

Unit VII: Statement of Changes in Financial Position (Periods 20)

  • Cash Flow Statement: Meaning and Objectives, Preparation, Adjustments related to depreciation, dividend and tax, sale and purchase of non-current assets (as per revised standard issued by ICAI).

JAC 12th Syllabus 2022 for Arts Stream

JAC 12th Commerce syllabus 2022 consists of History, Geography, Political Science, and many more

JAC 12th Sociology Syllabus 2022

The given chapters are listed under the JAC Class 12 Sociology syllabus:

Indian Society

  • Structure of Indian Society

  • Social Institutions: Continuity and Change

  • Social Inequality and Exclusion

  • The Challenges of Unity in Diversity

  • Project Work

Change and Development in India

  • Process of Social Change in India

  • Social Change and the Polity

  • Social Change and the Economy

  • New Arenas of Social Change

  • Social Movements

JAC 12th Syllabus 2022 for English 

The following is the JAC 12th English Syllabus 2022 for candidates to refer to:


Candidates are expected to have acquired a reasonable degree of language proficiency in English by the time they come to Class XI, and the course will aim, essentially, to promote higher-order language skills. 

  • Syllabus for Secondary and Higher Secondary Levels- For a large number of candidates, the higher secondary stage will be a preparation for the university, where a fairly high degree of proficiency in English may be required. But for another large group, the higher secondary stage may be a preparation for entry into the world of work. 

  • Core courses should cater to both groups by promoting the language skills required for academic study as well as the language skills required for the workplace.


The course is intended to give candidates a high level of competence in English with an emphasis on the study of literary texts and will provide extensive exposure to a variety of rich texts of world literature as well as to Indian writings in English, including classics, and develop sensitivity to the creative and imaginative uses of English and give them a taste for reading with delight and discernment.

  • The course will be pitched at a level which the candidates may find challenging. The course is primarily designed to equip the candidates to pursue higher studies in English literature and the English language at the college level and prepare candidates to become teachers of English.


Candidates opting for the Elective Course will be introduced to the study of the basics of English grammar and phonology. It is recommended that a book based on a suitable pedagogical model that presents the basics of functional grammar and the bare essentials of the phonology of English be used.

  • The basic concepts in the phonology of English will include the sounds of English, the syllable stress, strong and weak forms, and intonation. The course will help the candidates consult a pronouncing dictionary when required.

  • Methods and Techniques: The techniques used for teaching should promote habits of self-learning and reduce dependence on the teacher. The multi-skill, learner-centered, activity-based approach already recommended for the previous stages of education is still in place, though it will be used in such a way that silent reading of prescribed/selected texts for comprehension will receive greater focus as one of the activities.

  • Learners will be trained to read independently and intelligently, interacting actively with texts and other reference materials (dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, etc.) where necessary. Some pre-reading activities will generally be required, and course books should suggest those. The reading of texts should be followed by post-reading activities. It is important to remember that every text can generate different readings.

  • Candidates should be encouraged to interpret texts in different ways, present their views of critics on a literary text and express their reactions to them. Some projects may be assigned to candidates from time to time. For instance, candidates may be asked to put together a few literary pieces on a given theme from English as well as regional literature. 

JAC 12th Syllabus 2022 - PDF Links

Below are the different links to the PDFs of different subjects' syllabus for the candidates:

  • Mathematics:

The JAC board Mathematics syllabus 2022 consists of two parts, part 1 and part 2, containing six and seven units respectively.

  • Chemistry:

The PDF of JAC board Chemistry syllabus 2022 is mentioned below:

  • Physics:

Students can refer to the following PDF to download the JAC Physics syllabus 2022:

  • Biology:

The below-mentioned PDF will help the student to refer for the JAC 12th Biology syllabus 2022:

  • Computer Science:

The syllabus for JAC board Computer Science 2022 is mentioned below:

  • Accountancy:

JAC 12th Accountancy syllabus consists of different units as follows:


Tips for Jharkhand 12th Candidates 2022

Below are some tips for candidates while preparing for the JAC 12th board exam 2022:

  • Choose the right time to study and the right place to study: Every candidate's comfort zone depends on themselves. Hence, the candidate should find a study space, study regularly, and should stick with it. A comfortable and distraction-free study is a must.

  • Everyday study: Candidates need to make regular studying a habit. Learning every day helps you to understand things easily. It also helps to reduce last-minute stress cramming.

  • Increased study time during exams: Candidates need to discover their learning style. Every person has a type of learning.

  • Review and revise: Reviewing and revising at least once a week is advantageous for all candidates to score good marks. Frequent revision helps each candidate to catch all concepts.

  • Ask for help: Do not hesitate to ask if you're stuck on something. Candidates should talk to their guides and teachers about the things they don't understand. 
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