Interior Designing Courses after 12th

Interior Designing Courses after 12th

Interior designing means the specialized science of making beautiful changes to the interior of living space, office or a building so that its overall appeal should become more prominent and reach another level. The Interior Designing courses give the core knowledge of the details required to do the practical work on the field/ site. The students will be mentored by trainers who are basically interior designers and have a lot of work experience. However, the standard differs from institute to institute.

Some of the Interior Designing courses after 12th provide the students with practical knowledge too. Actual knowledge of building materials is critical to being a good interior designer. Real knowledge is most important in Interior Designing. Institutes craft their curriculum to include this aspect. In Interior Designing institutes exhibitions are also conducted where the students make various models of kitchens, drawing rooms, etc. Visiting the actual workplaces will give them exposure to real-world problems.

Interior Designing courses are a good foundation for actual learning. The courses tend to give a good start in terms of planning and creativity, but the key lies in the practical knowledge and the spontaneity about the aesthetic aspect of things. The courses focus on helping the students get a better understanding of spatial and technical design sense, and also the complete knowledge of building materials and lighting strategies. The interior designing courses have different time durations so that the students can choose the length that suits better for their needs and expectation. One of the main focuses of Interior Designing is residential design, commercial design, and furniture design.

In the past, the study of interior design was considered to be a part of architecture studies only. But with times, the lifestyle of a new generation, changing trends and evolving mindset of the people, interior design has grown to become a separate full-fledged professional course today. The living spaces are minimizing day by day which calls for the smart use of space and thus Interior Designing helps in providing a smart solution to such problems.

In this article of Interior designing courses after 12th, you can jump to any of the important topics from the below table.

What is the Difference between Interior Decoration and Interior Designing?

  • Interior Designing is basically the art of accentuating the interior of a place such as a home or commercial building, to create an aesthetically soothing environment for the people using the space. An interior designer’s job is to plan, manage, research, and coordinate such projects.

  • The job of an Interior design is inclusive of various multidimensional tasks such as Conceptual development, site inspections, construction management, research, programming, space planning, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, and execution of the design.

  • Interior Designing is a wide concept but one important thing to know is that Interior Decoration and Interior Designing are two different concepts.

  • In brief, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.

  • Interior designing is the art and science of understanding people's behaviour to create functional spaces within a building.

  • Interior Decoration is furnishing or enriching space with fashionable or beautiful things.

Qualities Required for becoming an Interior Designer

Here are the qualities required for an interior designer.

Natural Instinct

  • The first step to a successful career is to follow your passion. After all, doing something you love will never feel like work. Even though it may seem obvious, in order to become an interior designer, must have a natural instinct for colour, spatial arrangements, architecture, and textiles.

Accredited education

  • The main difference between an interior decorator and an interior designer is the educational qualification they have.

  • It is not necessary for an interior decorator to have an educational background in that field, you just require to have a passion for the fabrics and colours, however for becoming an interior designer, you need to be associated with a degree or a diploma in that field.

  • So basically it is up to you to decide to pursue an education or enter immediately into the ornament world.

  • You can avoid the education path and choose to be a designer as well.

  • It is important for one to get knowledge about concepts such as electricity, plumbing codes, and load-bearing walls, even though it might seem to be monotonous, but it is required. 

  • To become better at your profession you need to keep yourself updated regarding them.

Client Delighter

  • A successful interior designer is a person who gratifies his clients and a perfect solution seeker and sometimes a mind reader — someone who can lead clients towards a desirable outcome while assuring them that they are in full control of the design choices.

  • Interior designers act as a symbiosis between their design decisions and their clients’ desires.

  • But it is not at all a cakewalk for the Interior Designers as the clients are sometimes very picky about what they want and a little deviation from their desire might make it a nightmare for the Interior Designer.

Proper Portfolio

  • In order to have a good career pace, it is important for one to have arranged a portfolio consisting of various personal works.

  • The best way to get a portfolio started is to offer your services for free or at a reduced rate.

  • This is indeed; a great way to get to know local merchandisers and suppliers and to develop goodwill and connections for future projects.

Stay Updated with current trends

  • Interior designing is a competitive business.

  • The key to success is getting yourself noticed and properly marketed which can be done by an amazing designer portfolio. This will help you get your dream job.

  • Another important factor is acquiring an extensive education. The more you know, the better off you will be.

  • Few aspects that one can look into are population growth, designing for the elderly, modern architecture and green design, having sufficient education within the mentioned fields of design may give you the upper hand in the job market.

Interior Designing Courses after 12th in India

Here are the details on interior designing courses after 12th in India

B.Design (Interior and Furniture)- 4 yrs. (8 Semesters)

  • It aims to complete overall development while enhancing practical skills so the students can create embellished spaces that meet the requirements of today’s world and enrich the experience of modern life.

  • The practical and technical knowledge is also imparted to help them in their profession.

  • Short internships, study trips, participation in international design competitions, and benefits from links with design studios, entrepreneurs, cultural institutions, industry professionals and community groups are few of the programs that are held in order to give students real-life experience.

  • The interior design course fee for B.Design is 3,30,000 INR per annum

B.Sc. (Design - Interior and Furniture)- 3 yrs. (6 Semesters)

  • The aim is to create a close link between technical, creative and artistic aspects and meet the competition of today’s world.

  •  In India, the profession of Interior Designing is gaining popularity with a lot of people opting for the services of trained interior designers for their houses/offices, etc. It is being considered a science helping to reduce stress and fatigue thereby increasing productivity.

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Interior Design course is an initial level certification in the domain of interior designing. Hence the focus is on imparting complete knowledge in regards to the fundamental concept and principles of the subject.

  • A student can opt for enhancement in skill and knowledge set by going for an advanced level diploma in the long run.

  • The course is structured to dissipate practical level skills in the subject to the students along with the theoretical understanding of the same.

  • The interior design course fees vary from INR 18,000 to 2,20,000 across various colleges and universities across the country. The variation in the fee is based on the location and type of university that is government or private/deemed.

Eligibility Criteria and Admissions:

  • The course is offered to aspirants who have completed their 10+2 or equivalent level education from a recognized board/institute.
  • Those who have done a diploma after class 10th as a part of 10 +3 pattern of education can also apply for admission to the course.

  •  Admissions to Diploma in Interior Design course are mainly done on merit basis that is the percentage of marks obtained by the candidate in class 12th or equivalent level examinations followed by a qualifying entrance exam conduct by respective college/institute.

  • Colleges that offer diploma courses expect the candidates to have a minimum of 50%.

Eligibility for interior designing courses in India

Interior designers are creative people who are specialized in design and art and they require a knowledge of art, skill set and creativity for the role. The eligibility criteria to be an interior designer is listed below:

  • Candidates should have passed 10+2 or any other qualification with a score of 40% marks
  • Applicants have to take All India Entrance Examination (AIEED), considering some colleges require the students to take them
  • For a diploma in Interior designing candidates must have passed 10+2 from a recognised board
  • For MBA in Interior designing, candidates must have completed a Bachelor's or Master's degree from any recognised university with an aggregate score of 45%

Syllabus for Interior Design

For the different course format e.g. Degree or Diploma- core subjects will be the same. Following is the list of core subjects present in these courses.

  • Construction Technology
  • Materials and Finishes
  • Colour Theory and Techniques
  • Design Technology
  • Drawing (Technical)
  • Design Practice
  • Design Theory
  • Communication Skills
  • Basics of Interior Design
  • Environmental Studies
  • Cost Estimation
  • Material Purchase
  • Furniture Design
  • Model Making

Career in Interior Designing after 12th

Interior designers are in high demand these days because,

  • people want their home to be decorated
  • people having small home want it to look bigger and spacious
  • Small shop owner want their shop to look attractive
  • Big brands want their showrooms and restaurant to look different
  • corporate offices also want the authentic decorations
  • Moreover, everybody wants Cool Interior in their office, home, etc.

Students pursuing their degree in Interior designing, have a lot of opportunities. We are listing some of the very popular trends below

Interior Designers 

  • Architects, architectural firms
  • May specialise in designing interiors
  • Interior Design Firms
  • Design Firms
  • Infrastructure and Property Developers
  • Furniture Manufacturing and Designing firms
  • Interior Design shops

Interior Decorators work with 

  • Interior designing firms
  • Freelance

No doubt, Interior designing is one of the creative profession. It also set goodwill in the market by providing what the customer likes the most. This profession demands good technique and originality. Other than these, one can also design on their own and sell in the market. The salary in this filed basically starts from 3 lakhs and will vary according to perfection and customer satisfaction.

Top Colleges for Interior Designing courses in India

Here are the top colleges for interior designing courses in India

  • Pearl Academy, New Delhi

  • National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar

  • International Institute of Fashion Technology, Chandigarh

  • Pearl Academy, Jaipur

  • Arch College of Design and Business, Jaipur

  • JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai

  • Pearl Academy, Mumbai

  • Maeer MIT Institute of Design, [MMID] Pune

  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

  • International Institute of Fashion Design, Mumbai

Interior Designer Salary

The salary package of Interior designer based on a different level of experience is mentioned below

Interior Designer Salary
Designation Experience in years Salary (PA)
Interior Designer Less than 5 years 249,000
5 - 10 years 422,000
10 - 20 years 608,000
> 20 years 800,000

The salary packages may vary on factors like other cities, bonuses, commissions. The source of information is from Payscale

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