Practice GRE questions on Numeric Entry

Parent Topic: Quantitative Reasoning


Answer the below questions :

Q 1)  

Product of two natural numbers P and Q is 590 and their HCF is 59. How many set of values of P and Q is possible?

Q 2)  

The diagonal of a square is 15*sqrt(6) cm. How many isosceles right triangles of side 1 cm can be cut out from the square?

Q 3)  

A semi-circular park has a flowerbed of a certain width running along its arc on the inner side. The area of the park, including the flowerbed is 98*pi sq.m and the area of the park minus the flowerbed is 72*pi sq.m. Find the width of the flowerbed in meters.

Q 4)  

Find 360% of 360.

Q 5)  

Ann and Bill are 120cm and 165cm tall respectively. Their weights are 50kg and 64kg respectively. How much weight in kgs should Ann lose and Bill gain so that the height to weight ratio for both of them is the same?

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