Q Patna University B.Ed syllabus

I want to know the syllabus of B.Ed of Patna University.

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  • The syllabus of two-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) The program, as offered by of Patna University, is as follows:
    Unit 1: Understanding Childhood
    • Understanding Childhood: Developmental Perspective
    • Dimensions of Childhood: Social, Cultural, Political and Economic
    • Key Factors during Childhood: Family, Neighborhood, Community and School
    • Children and their Childhood: The Contextual Realities of Bihar
    • General objectives of early childhood Education as related to national goals.
    • Notion of joyful Childhood: Major discourse and educational implications
    • Dimensions of individual development: physical, cognitive, language, social, and moral, their interrelationships and implications for teachers (with reference to Piaget, Erickson, and Kohlberg)

    Unit 2: Understanding Adolescence
    • Adolescence: assumptions, stereotypes, and need of a holistic understanding
    • Major issues: growth and maturation, nature and nurture, continuity and discontinuity
    • Learner as an adolescent: stages of development- developmental task with focus on process of growth and development across various stages from infancy to adolescence
    • Factors affecting adolescence: social, cultural, political and economic
    • Adolescence: activities, aspirations, conflicts and challenges of learner
    • The contextual reality of adolescence in Bihar
    • Dealing with adolescence; discourse on the role of teacher, family, community and state

    Unit 3: Understanding Socialization and the Context of the Learner
    • Understanding Socialization
    • Socialization at home context: family as a social institution; parenting styles and their impact; transmission of parental expectations and values • Socialization and the context of community: neighborhood, extended family, religious group and their socialization functions
    • Socialization and the context of school: impact of entry to school, school as a social institution and its notions in Bihar, value formation in the context of schooling
    • Schooling as a process of identity formation: ascribed, acquired and evolving
    • Gender Identities and Socialization Practices in family, schools, other formal and informal organization; Schooling of Girls
    • Inequalities and resistances in society: issues of access, retention, and exclusion