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Patna University distance education

I would like to know about the information regarding Distance Education in Patna University.

Asked By Manoj,
Replied By GetmyuniEnterprise
  • Directorate of Distance Education provides education through postal correspondence to students of B.A. / B.Com. (Hons.), Besides, it also provides education in BCA, Bachelor of library & information Science (BLIS), PG Diploma in Journalism, PG Diploma in Financial Management, PG Diploma in Marketing Management and PG Diploma in Operations Management.
  • The course of study, duration of the course the examination and the degree of B.A., B.Com, (Hons.) etc. are the same as those of the students of the regular Colleges of Patna University.
  • offering (08) Eight courses which are as follows:
  • B.A (ll)
  • B.lib & Information Science
  • Journalism
  • B.C.A
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Patna University exam news

From where can, I get the latest news from Patna University.

Asked By Ravi,
Replied By GetmyuniEnterprise
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Patna University B.Ed syllabus

I want to know the syllabus of B.Ed of Patna University.

Asked By Rajat,
Replied By GetmyuniEnterprise
  • The syllabus of two-year Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) The program, as offered by of Patna University, is as follows:
    Unit 1: Understanding Childhood
    • Understanding Childhood: Developmental Perspective
    • Dimensions of Childhood: Social, Cultural, Political and Economic
    • Key Factors during Childhood: Family, Neighborhood, Community and School
    • Children and their Childhood: The Contextual Realities of Bihar
    • General objectives of early childhood Education as related to national goals.
    • Notion of joyful Childhood: Major discourse and educational implications
    • Dimensions of individual development: physical, cognitive, language, social, and moral, their interrelationships and implications for teachers (with reference to Piaget, Erickson, and Kohlberg)

    Unit 2: Understanding Adolescence
    • Adolescence: assumptions, stereotypes, and need of a holistic understanding
    • Major issues: growth and maturation, nature and nurture, continuity and discontinuity
    • Learner as an adolescent: stages of development- developmental task with focus on process of growth and development across various stages from infancy to adolescence
    • Factors affecting adolescence: social, cultural, political and economic
    • Adolescence: activities, aspirations, conflicts and challenges of learner
    • The contextual reality of adolescence in Bihar
    • Dealing with adolescence; discourse on the role of teacher, family, community and state

    Unit 3: Understanding Socialization and the Context of the Learner
    • Understanding Socialization
    • Socialization at home context: family as a social institution; parenting styles and their impact; transmission of parental expectations and values • Socialization and the context of community: neighborhood, extended family, religious group and their socialization functions
    • Socialization and the context of school: impact of entry to school, school as a social institution and its notions in Bihar, value formation in the context of schooling
    • Schooling as a process of identity formation: ascribed, acquired and evolving
    • Gender Identities and Socialization Practices in family, schools, other formal and informal organization; Schooling of Girls
    • Inequalities and resistances in society: issues of access, retention, and exclusion
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Patna University Syllabus for

I want to know the syllabus of of Patna University.

Asked By Amit,
Replied By GetmyuniEnterprise
  • The syllabus of of Patna University as follows.
  • B.Com Syllabus

  • Year I
    Major Indian Language
    Communicative English
    Financial Accounting I
    Business Regulatory Framework
    Principle and Practice of Management and Business

  • Year II
    Information Technology and its Application in Business
    Principles of Marketing
    Financial Accounting II
    Direct and Indirect Taxation
    Cost and Management Accounting I

  • Year III
    Elective Group: Accounting & Finance
    Financial Accounting
    Cost and Management Accounting
    Financial Management
    Environmental Studies

  • Elective Group: Marketing
    Consumer Behaviour and Sales Management
    Product and Price Management and Rural Marketing
    Retail Management and Marketing of Services
    Environmental Studies

  • Elective Group: Taxation
    Direct Tax: Laws and Practices
    Indirect Tax: Laws and Practices
    Text Planning and Procedures
    Environmental Studies

  • Elective Group: Computer Applications and e-business
    Fundamentals of Computer
    Data Communication and Networking and Financial e-business
    Computer Applications and e-business Applications (practical)
    Environmental Studies
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Which are the best colleges for MSW(Master of Social Worker) in Patna ?

Which are the best colleges for MSW(Master of Social Worker) in Patna ?

Asked By puja,
Replied By GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Puja!

you can pursue MSW in 

  • PU-Patna University
  • L.N Mishra Institute of Economic Development and Social Change
    Patna , Bihar

  • Dr. Narendra Institute of I.T. and Management
    Patna , Bihar

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