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Total fee details with including hostel mess

Total fee details including hostel mess.per year

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Infrastructure Facility at Jain University, Bangalore


  • The library is of utmost importance in academic institutions as it provides a range of services to support & enhances the learning capacity of the students.
  • A team of subject specialist librarians and other trained staff provide a wide range of services to support your information needs and help you make the most of the resources available.
  • The Library has more than 30,000 books, 120 periodicals, and e-resources for the students to best utilize them for their projects, research works, and academics.

Radio Station & Study

  • Jain University's Radio Active 90.4 FM serves the purpose of corporate social responsibility.
  • The station works round the clock with the purpose of addressing the concerns of the societies and critical trending issues.
  • It voices the grievances of the marginalized ones in society and is actively involved with major NGO’s. The Station is also used for training purposes of the media students at Jain University.The media studio at Jain University is a space for training, production, and screening of student productions.
  • The media studio at Jain University is used for training, production, and screening of student productions. It also serves as a mini theater for movies to be screened regularly as part of film appreciation training. The studio is well equipped with audio and video equipment. 


  • The updated and maintained University harnesses the best of modern technology to enable the students to explore and learn practically in their field of study with proper supervision of the faculty.
  • The state-of-the-art laboratories are fully equipped with tools to ensure students have an exceptional education and rewarding science laboratory experience. The open and flexible spaces in these labs promote collaborations across disciplines and promise creative learning opportunities.


  • The students are provided with excellent gym and yoga facilities to maintain their health and fitness. The gym is well equipped with a variety of equipment which caters for all fitness needs of the students from serious cardiovascular workout to maintaining the general level of fitness.
  • Even though the environment is simple, regular exercise, meditation, and yoga can make a great difference in the students' physical, mental and emotional health.

Technology Enabled Classrooms

  • The classrooms are well equipped with high-speed Internet connectivity and air-conditioned,

Multi-Cusine Cafeteria

  • The cafeteria is the hub for social exchange, student activity, and youthful energy.
  • the cafeteria is clean with regular monitoring of food cooked and provided

Seminar Hall

  • The University has a well conditioned, built-in Theatre style seminar hall which is frequently used by the faculty and students, for conducting conferences, student club activities.


  • The Auditorium is well furnished with acoustic and state of art facilities to conduct conferences, student activities, and general announcements. 
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Top Recruiters:

  • Accenture

  • Arihant Capital Markets

  • Artha Money (Times Group)

  • Astra Zenca

  • Wipro

  • Bajaj Allianz

  • Bajaj Capital

  • Basket Options

  • DELL

  • DEN Networks

  • DNA

  • DSP Merrill Lynch

  • Infosys BPO / KPO

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Scholarship Application Process:

  • Scholarship applicants can obtain Scholarship Application form from Jain University Admissions Office
  • A student may apply for a scholarship in any ONE of the scholarship categories listed. No student may hold more than ONE scholarship
  • Duly filled scholarship application form should be submitted at the Jain University Admissions Office
  • Consideration will be given to applications that meet the eligibility criteria for each scholarship category provided the application is received before the specified deadline
  • Applications for Academic Achievement Scholarships received after the deadline will not be considered
  • Applications will be ranked on the basis of the merit

Scholarship Selection Process:

All applications received under academics, sports, literary, music & dance, specially challenged, community service categories will be scrutinized and presented to the University Scholarship Committee. Selected students will receive a Scholarship Offer Letter along with a Scholarship Acceptance Form.
Students must accept or decline their scholarship within the time frame indicated on the Scholarship Acceptance Form. Failure to do so will render the scholarship offer invalid and the scholarship will no longer be available.

Scholarship Distribution Process:

After a student accepts his / her scholarship offer, the Jain University Scholarship Committee will intimate the date, time and venue of awarding the scholarship.

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What is the course fee?

What is the course fee for B.Sc?

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The average course fee for B.Sc is 3,63,000/- 

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