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Asked By Yuki,
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Infrastructure Facility of Gargi College, Delhi University

All the classrooms and laboratories are well-equipped.The whole campus is Wi-Fi enabled and this facility is available to all students and staff members.A newly built state of art auditorium and seminar hall with a seating capacity of 750 and 150 respectively is there.                                                                                                                           


The Botany, Chemistry, Elementary Education, Microbiology, Physics. Psychology and Zoology laboratories are all very well equipped and spacious. Working in any one of these laboratories is an enjoyable experience. There are Botany and Physics research laboratories to where research is being done by the faculty members.


  • Gargi has a fully computerized library. To help students reach the pinnacle of excellence in their particular field of study, we have a wide array of books in the library to help you choose from.
  • The number of volumes in the main collection of the library is 60,469.
  • A number of national and international journals and magazines are also subscribed to for reference. One can also indulge oneself with a wonderful section on good fiction. Books on general knowledge are in abundance in the library.
  • A spacious and comfortable reference section with an ample seating arrangement is the joy of a student who would like to study, refer to, read or just flip through the cornucopia of literature. The library staff will be the guide and counselor for all queries regarding books and the library facilities.
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Asked By Maneesha,
Replied By GetmyuniEnterprise

Placements at Gargi College, Delhi University

Successful Recruitment processes with the following companies through in-house sessions and in co-operation with other colleges:

  • GOOGLE                               
  • EVALUE SERVE                                
  • Capital IQ                             
  • INFRALINE                                      
  • BNPS SCHOOL                                          
  • E&Y
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Asked By mohd,
Replied By GetmyuniEnterprise


 Hello Mohd Saif.

Here are some of the courses you might be interested to look into for completing your degree in commerece . 

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of comerec (B.Com)

Charted accountancy ( CA)

Company Secretary (CS)

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)



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Asked By jyoti,
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Hi Jyoti,

Admission Procedures.

  1. The subject 'lnformatics Practices' will be equivalent to Computer Science for admission to B.Sc.(Hons.) Computer Science only.
  2.  The candidates must have studied and passed Mathematics at the qualifying exam for admission to Honours in Commerce.
  • (a) For admission to Honours in any language course, advantage of 2% in the Best of Four percentage will be given to those candidates who have studied the elective language.
  • (b) In case, a candidate has not studied the language at qualifying exam and is seeking admission to Honours in that language, she will be given a disadvantage of 5% in Best of Four percentage.
  • (c) For admission to Honours in English and Hindi, the candidate must have studied and passed the respective language in the qualifying exam and it will be included for calculation of Best of Four percentage.

Admission to Science Courses The Basis of Selection for Science Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PCM). For Chemistry (Hons.), Physics (Hons.), B.Sc Programme (Physical Science) and Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Biotechnology (PCB). For B.Sc (Hons.) in Botany, Microbiology, Zoology and B.Sc Progrqamme (Life Science)


1.Date of Birth Certificate (Class X Certificate).

2. Certificate of the last examination passed.

3. Mark sheet of the last examination passed.

4. Character Certificate from the school/college last attended.

5. College leaving/Migration Certificate wherever necessary.

6. Certificate of having passed a Board or Class VIII Examination in Hindi (if exemption from Compulsory test in Hindi is sought).

7. Relevant Caste certificate (including SC, ST, OBC non-creamy layer), Disability certificate and certificate from Armed Forces, whichever applicable, in case admission is sought in reserved category.

8. Medical Fitness and Participation Certificates for admission on sports basis.

9. Participation Certificates for Extra-Curricular Activities for admission on ECA quota.

10. One Stamp-sized photograph to be affixed on the admission form.

11. Numbered slip contained in the prospectus of this College, signed by the Candidate.

12. Photocopy of the Common Pre-admission form of DU.


• Self-attested copies will be accepted. It is made clear that if any false attestation/falsified records are detected, the student will be debarred from attending any course in the University or its college(s) for next five years and in addition, a criminal case under relevant sections of IPC (viz. 470, 471, 474 IPC etc.) will be instituted against her to subject her to the requisite criminal proceeding.

• The candidate's name in the application form should be the same as in the Birth Certificate.

• Please add father's name/surname to avoid confusion between identical names while tabulating marks at a later stage.

• Indicate your preference for the medium of instruction wherever applicable.


• No compartment cases to be considered.

• For Science 70% theory and 30% practical component is must, if theory component is less than disadvantage of 10% in each subject may be given.

• 1st Cut-off students will be eligible on the last day of the 2nd Cut-off if the seats are available . They are not eligible on the last day of 3rd Cut-off.

• Do not send any students to DSW and South Campus.

• We will be keeping all original certificates.

Thank You

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Asked By sanchi,
Replied By GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Sanchi,


The total fees for the respective course, to be paid in full at the time of admission.
Admission cannot be deemed as granted till fees are paid. The payment may be deposited in cash at
the counter of State Bank of India in the College premises between 10.30 A.M to 1.00 P.M. No
cheque will be accepted. Fees are subject to change in case of revision by the University.

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