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What is the hostel fees in Anna University?

my son studying at Bangalore.Can we join him in CSE at Anna university? what is the formalities for normal & NRI quota? how much fees per annum with hostel?

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Infrastructure facilities provided by Anna University


  • The total area of the Library building is about 4122 sq.m. 30 video cameras are placed at strategic points in the library for surveillance.
  • The MIT campus also has a library of area 1256 sq.m. Around 10,157 registered users are in access of the library.
  • Many knowledge-based services like that of Reference, Bibliography, MALIBNET service., DELNET, Reprography, CD-ROM Databases, Internet browsing, and e-services are provided by the library for its users.

Health Centre

Health Centre facilities with attached Inpatient Ward are available at the Main Campus and at MIT campus. Consultation is free for all the students and employees.

  • The Centre provides outpatient treatment both in the morning and evening.In the main campus, the services of a male Medical Officer and a female Medical Officer are utilized.
  • The Para-Medical Personnel include one Pharmacist, one Staff Nurse and a Male Nursing Assistant.
  • The emergency cases are treated as inpatients.In the MIT campus, a part-time Medical Officer deputed from the Government Hospital attends outpatients for 2 hours in the morning and a part time lady Medical Officer for the evening outpatients.

Ramanujan Computing Centre

RCC is functioning as a technology provider to students, researchers and teaching community to fulfill their computational, technological and internet requirements.

  • The Internet service is provided with a wider bandwidth of 70 Mbps and 1 Gbps from NKN for Ministry of Human Resource Development.
  • Fiber backbone establishes strong connectivity in nook and corner of the vast campus. Recent Accomplishments of RCC includes Video-On-Demand, Video Conferencing & WiFi. Dr.V.Rhymend Uthariaraj is presently the Director of Ramanujan Computing Centre. 
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Scholarships Provided by Anna University

The following are the scholarships provided by Anna University:

  • BC/MBC Scholarship
  • SC/ST Scholarship
  • Chief Minister Award for SC/ST students
  • SC/ST Special Higher Education Scholarship
  • Gandhi MemorialAward
  • Chief Minister Award for BC/MBC students
  • UGC Scholarship
  • Merit cum Means Minority Scholarship
  • Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students
  • National Council for Educational Research and Training Scholarship
  • National Teachers Welfare Fund
  • National Merit Scholarship 
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Anna university distance education

I want to know about the distance education program of Anna University.

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In this context, Anna University has embarked on an ambitious Distance Education Programme for offering professional MBA, MCA, and M.Sc(in Computer Science and IT related areas).

For more details, you can visit the official website ie,



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