Flipkart Placement Procedure

There are 4 rounds in interview process –

  1. Written Test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

1) Written Test

The format of Written Test is as follows:

  • Aptitude Test - No of questions: 30, Duration: 30 minutes
  • Technical Test - No of questions: 10-15, Duration: 20 minutes (DBMS, Algorithms etc.)

Time Limit -
50 mins, no sectional cutoffs, no negative marking, difficulty level-easy, overall cutoff-high, sets of papers distributed - important topics covered- venn diagrams, symbol based problems, direction problems, logical, puzzle,  word meanings/opposites, prepositions, articles, comprehensions

2) Group Discussion

This is the biggest elimination round. In group discussion they will judge you mainly on –

  • Expression
  • Team Spirit
  • Personal Projection
  • Listening Power
  • Eye Contact

Time Limit - 
15mins max. , importance level- very high, topics- current affairs.

3) Technical Interview

Technical questions are related to your field such as C, C++, Java, Data structures, DBMS, SQL, .NET, OS, OOPS, Networking, Pointers etc.

4) HR Interview

For sample interview questions, see the HR interview questions section