SSC MTS 2019 Application Process

Exam Date : 9th December 2019 To 14th January 2020
Result Date : 19th January 2020

SSC MTS 2019 Exam Application Process

SSC MTS 2019 Application From Process- Highlights

  • Application mode: The SSC MTS 2019 Application Form is available in both offline and online mode and also can be submitted in offline or online mode.

  • Availability: The SSC MTS 2019  application is available on the official SSC MTS website.

  • Registration: The candidate should be registered before the SSC MTS 2019 Application submission.

  • Submission: Candidate is allowed to submit one SSC MTS 2019 Application form from one state.

  • Multiple applications: In case of multiple applications on the website, the last application for paper1 or paper 2 will be accepted.

  • Offline submission: The offline applications will be accepted by the regional director/ deputy director( one application will be accepted from the candidate). 

SSC MTS 2019 Exam Application Form - Download Procedure:

Steps to download SSC MTS 2019 Application:

  • Step 1: The candidate needs to visit the official website of SSC MTS for registration.

  • Step 2:  ssc mts apply 1

ssc mts apply 2

As shown above,  The new candidate should register in order to fill up the application form and the candidates who have registered can directly fill the application.

  • Step 3: The new candidate who has to register will be directed to the registration page shown below,

ssc mts apply 3

The candidate needs to enter the mentioned details in the registration form in order to get registered

  • Step 4: After getting registered the candidate will be provided with a registration number and a password.

  • Step 5: The candidate can log in to the application page using the registration number and a password and must fill up the details which are mandatory.

  • Step 6: After filling out the application the candidate needs to verify the application and submit it.

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